There are a lot of great reasons to eat out. Here are some top reasons why you might choose to dine away from home: You can give the family chef (which is likely you) the night off. You can enjoy delicious cuisine in a relaxed setting. You can sample new dishes you've never tried before. You’re away from home and want a tasty meal in the city where you’re visiting. While you can probably relate to many of these reasons, the truth is, few people ever say one of their reasons for eating out is to save money. In fact, typically, eating out adds an extra expense to your bottom line. So what if you could take advantage of discounts you can use right away to save money on eating out? Meet, one of KCL's favorite places to find great deals on tasty meals!

1. What is

Since 1999, has been in the business of helping diners find great deals and helping restaurants keep tables full (and diners' bellies happy). The site is user-friendly and works nationwide.

2. So how do I find and redeem deals?

This is very easy—here is a step-by-step you can follow.

  • Visit
  • Use the easy search bar to enter the zip code and (if desired) the type of food you prefer.
  • Browse the different deals available at each restaurant.
  • Select the deal you want and click on "add to cart."
  • Review your cart and click on "proceed to checkout."
  • Create your free account (you can sign in with any number of social media profiles or create an email-based profile by filling in the fields).
  • Tender your payment and print out your certificate. You can use it immediately!

3. What if I want to gift someone else with dinner out? offers a number of options to gift a friend or colleague with discounted dining. You can order either eGift cards or regular Gift cards (these come with free shipping and range from $5 to $100 options). Another fun option is the Dinner of the Month club, which comes in 3, 6 or 12-month options.

4. What’s included with my certificate?

First and foremost, your certificate is deeply discounted (for example, on you can purchase a certificate worth $10 for just $4). So you’ll instantly save on the cost of your meal up to the full face value (not discounted value) of the certificate. You can use the certificate to purchase any item on the menu except alcohol.

How to save money using offers more than one way to save. Here are the most popular ways.

  • Save on eating out: Save on your own evening out, date night, or family night by purchasing discounted dining certificates.
  • Save on gifts: Save on presents for a friend or colleague by purchasing e/general gift cards or the Dinner of the Month club as a gift.
  • Start a new career: Save by becoming a independent consultant to keep saving on your own meals and share the savings you've found on with others. Find the Best Deal on Every Delicious Meal