The first time I bartered was when I negotiated with my little brother to trade two of my Tootsie Rolls for one of his Hershey's bars. I was seven and he was five. We were both quite pleased with the outcome of our trade. I’ve been bartering ever since—a willing student at my expert mother's knee. Of course, back when I first began to experiment with bartering, the "world wide web" was just a gleam in some Internet genius' eye. Today, with a browser standing at the ready to serve us, it’s much easier to find folks who want what we have—and have what we want! Learn how you can swap your way to savings (and more savings) with these eight great bartering websites.

1. Swap

Swap is a site geared specifically to the younger set. Parents can search and swap kids’ clothing, toys, games and more. Maternity wear is also available for swap. Swap has earned kudos from The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, MomLogic and others. To sign up, simply log in with your Facebook account and accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy then you can start right away to shop or sell and swap (or both).

2. Swap Treasures

Swap Treasures makes swapping what you have simple and swift. There are no transaction fees to use Swap Treasures. The site has been featured in Woman's Day magazine, in USA Today newspaper, and on Fox News and MSN Money. Signing up takes a few seconds—either sign in with your Facebook account, or provide a username, password, email address, and state, and voila! You get a personalized store that you can promote to your network. You can also choose to barter both goods and services locally by messaging other members with swap offers.

3. PawnGo

PawnGo is in a category of its own. Instead of straight barters and swaps, PawnGo uses items you own as collateral to issue short-term cash loans to its users. The concept of PawnGo is similar to what happens if you visit a regular brick-and-mortar pawn shop, but it’s much easier, faster and more private to conduct the transaction online. Registering requires your full name, email address and phone number. You can also choose to share your postal code and borrowing criteria.

4. Tradeaway

Tradeaway is free to use, but there are additional fees for optional services (none of which are necessary to use the site). All you need to create a free account is a username, email address, and password. You can trade both products and services, browse listings, create your own listings, and learn bartering how-tos from the Tradeaway blog.

5. SwapAce

Getting started with SwapAce is as easy as registering with a username and email address. With 200,000+ members from 150+ countries and over 80,000 items listed in a wide variety of categories, there’s plenty of demand—and plenty of supply. You can search free items, to buy-only items, swap-only items and more. You can also list the items you’re seeking so other members can let you know if they have what you want.

6. Trade Stuff 

Trade Stuff has more than 22,000 active members and plenty of items available for trade. The only cost is shipping, which you can arrange with the other member when a swap has been agreed upon. The site is very easy to navigate—it’s set up as an old school forum with broad categories from gift certificates to services, clothing to collectibles.

7. Swapferit

Swapferit is a very simple bartering site. Registering is easy and free—just provide an email, screen name and password; agree to the terms; and you’re good to go. You can trade goods, services, or even cash. You can also create a wishlist and set up email alerts to notify you of a listing that matches an item on your wishlist. Swaps can be conducted with credits or cash and you pay only whatever shipping charges you and the other user agree upon.

8. BarterQuest

BarterQuest allows you to list the items you no longer want and trade those items for things you do want. The categories include goods, services and even real estate. You can create a free account in minutes by giving your name, email address, username and password, or by logging in with your Facebook account. You can register as either an individual or a business. By listing what you have and what you want, you can use the BarterQuest Match system to match your wants and offerings with the wants and offerings of others. Then you can initiate trades using points.

Swap Your Way to Savings with These 8 Great Sites