Honestly? When my friends see how much money I’m saving (and making!) with apps like these, I don’t even have to ask them if they want to sign up.

I just have to make sure they have my referral code!

If you’ve never tried these apps, feel free to click through our links and use our referral codes. We will get a kickback when you sign up, and you’ll be helping us continue to bring you all the best deals.

We trust you’ll share the love with your friends.


1. Get $25 when you refer a friend to Ebates.

Ebates pays you to shop.

You can earn up to 40% cash back from over 2,000 stores, as well as get access to loads of killer coupons and promo codes.

It’s totally free to sign up, plus you get a $10 bonus when you make your first purchase through the app. No rebate forms, points or any of that nonsense to redeem. Just cold, hard cash.

Earn $25 for each friend you refer who completes a $25 qualifying purchase. They’ll get $10.


2. Earn $5 for referring a friend to Ibotta.

If you haven’t heard of Ibotta by now, we haven’t done our job.

Ibotta is one of the best rebate apps out there. You can earn cash back on groceries and retail purchases.

Every time you refer someone, they get a $11 bonus to start out with, and you get a $5 referral bonus.




3. Get $2 for every friend you refer to Berrycart.

Eat healthy, get paid. Browse the list of deals on healthy, organic, non-GMO, all natural foods; click on the ones you want to buy; and then upload a picture of your receipt after you purchase them.

You can cash out via Paypal or gift cards.

Berrycart’s referral program offers you $2 for each friend you refer with your referral code.



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4. Get $5 for referring a friend to the Amazon Shopping app.

You already know how much we love the Amazon App as a price-matching tool.

There’s a barcode scanner you can use to scan items at places like Target to find out if you could get the item cheaper on Amazon.

Tell all your friends about it, and you’ll receive a $5 credit to your Amazon accounts per friend that signs up. (They’ll get $5 too.)


5. Get $2 for every friend you refer to Shopmium.

Shopmium is similar to other grocery apps — browse grocery offers, choose the ones you want, then take a photo and upload it to the app.

You can cash out through PayPal or your bank account (you choose).



6. Get 50% of the points your friend earns for two weeks when they sign up for Shopkick.

Shopkick gives you gift cards for visiting stores, scanning items, and making purchases.

You earn “kicks” (aka points) for each task you perform, and once you reach 2,500 kicks you can redeem them for $10 gift cards to places like Starbucks and Sephora.

When you refer friends to download Shopkick, you’ll get 50% of the kicks they earn for the first two weeks!


7. Get $5 when you refer a friend and they make a $50 transaction through Square Cash.

Splitting the dinner bill with friends? Owe someone for that time they bailed you out when you forgot your debit card in Costco?

Square Cash lets you easily exchange money between family and friends.

Invite your friends to try it, and when they send in their first $50, you’ll both get $5.


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8. Get a $50 referral bonus when your friend signs up and completes their first Rewardable task.

Rewardable rocks. You earn cash by watching videos, completing surveys, giving product feedback and visiting retail stores.

You’ll cash out via PayPal once you earn at least $10.

When a new user signs up for Rewardable using your referral code, they’ll get a $0.50 bonus after completing their first task.

YOU will get up to $50 for each referral, plus a 10% bonus on their earnings for the first 20 days!




9. Earn $5 for referring a friend to Clink.

Clink is an investing app for the financially-challenged.

Clink manages your savings by making you save every time you go out.

Your money is invested in a diversified ETF portfolio and keeps growing without you needing to worry about it! It tracks your shopping and dining transactions, and will automatically save a percentage of your bill (that you choose) and add it to your stock portfolio.

Sign a friend up and get $5.


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These Top 9 Apps Pay You to Refer Your Friends