When people aren’t staying home to help contain the spread of coronavirus, they might be going to the store and buying only the essentials. But what are the essentials? Sure, we all want toilet paper and cleaning products, but what about makeup? Clothes? Our favorite foods?

According to consumer reports and social media, here are the products people are leaving on the shelves. Some of these may surprise you.


1. Hair care products

Greasy hair, don’t care! Apparently, people aren’t washing their hair as often during quarantine.

Unilever — owner of over 400 brands including Dove, Tresemme, Ben & Jerry’s, and Lipton — reported that coronavirus lockdowns worldwide have negatively affected sales of hair care products, especially in China and India.

Their household cleaning products, on the other hand, are seeing double-digit sales growth this year.


2. Skin care and beauty products

Why put makeup on or shave if you’re not going anywhere? At least that’s what most people seem to be thinking.

According to consumer trends site NPD, total beauty sales were down 58% in March, while sales in specific products like body oils, home scents, nail care, and hair color were up year over year.

The owner of Bounty and Charmin — Procter & Gamble — also reported a year-over-year sales decline in their beauty, grooming, and shaving products. The company is also increasing investor payouts by 6% likely due to the sales growth of household essentials like paper towels and toilet paper.


3. Gum and mints

Hey, no one is gonna judge you if your breath is hot during a Zoom call.

Hershey’s reported that the company’s gum and mint category saw declines of 40 – 50% over the past several weeks, saying that “Gum sales are down due to less socializing and physical distancing with people quarantining during the COVID crisis.”


4. Apparel and accessories

Yes to yoga pants. No to earrings.

In March, Target saw a 20% decline in apparel and accessories sales in their stores compared to last year. People are still buying from their essentials and food & beverage category, though. Sales are up more than 50% in those departments.



5. Pants and bottoms

For those who are purchasing clothes, they’re buying more tops and not bottoms according to Walmart’s increased sales. With more people working from home and videoconferencing, there’s really no need to have on fancy pants (or any pants).


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6. Sports shoes

The bright side to no youth spring sports this year? Skipping all the expensive shoe and gear purchases!

While people are running outside more now than before due to gyms being closed, they’re not buying running shoes. And since youth sports are cancelled, parents don’t have to purchase gear.

According to data gathered by NPD, running shoe sales haven’t seen positive growth, while performance basketball shoe sales saw declines of more than 70%.

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7. Corona beer

Corona beer doesn’t have COVID-19 in it…or does it? Some people apparently think so.

There is no known link between the beer brand and the pandemic, yet a recent survey showed that 38% of American beer drinkers said they wouldn’t buy Corona beer.


8. Vegan food

Many could argue that not even a pandemic can make people eat processed fake meat.

Several Twitter users have posted pics of empty shelves at grocery stores — except for the plant-based meat sections.


9. Pineapple pizza

Pineapple on pizza is a sin — the coronavirus pandemic has proven this.

Users on Reddit and Twitter have shared photos of empty freezer shelves, with the exception of frozen Hawaiian pizza.


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