Two businessmen from 1984 travel to 2015 and land in a "cubicled" corporate office. They look around and say, "Well the computers are different, but other than that, looks like nothing's changed."

Why do we live in the 21st century but still work like it's the 20th? From avoiding long commutes to saving money on office space, working from home has enormous advantages to both employees and employers.

If you know you have the discipline to work from home, and if your lifestyle is starting to demand more flexibility, you can land work in a variety of fields as more and more companies see the value in telecommuting.

But how do you get started? Craigslist? Yes, you can try it that way. Here are two online resources we feel are even better:

1. Flex Jobs

Perhaps the most powerful site of its kind, boasts having over 23 thousand active job postings from 4,130 companies, ranging 50 career categories—full-time to freelance, entry-level to executive. The site has excellent user-friendliness top to bottom, support from real people, and the ability to build up your résumé by taking skills tests for free.

It also comes with a price.

Starting fees are $14.95 per month. You can save money by doing a 3-month plan at $29.95 and a 1-year plan at $49.95—a $120 savings. Rule of thumb is that for every $10,000 of salary, expect one month of job searching. So, if you want to get paid $50,000 per year, the longer subscription plans make sense.

Once you establish a profile, you'll want to use the site's "filters" to find the jobs you're most interested in. lists any kind of flexible job—part-time, contract work, etc. So if you’re looking just for telecommuting work in, say, two or three different fields, you'll want to set your filters accordingly so you don't inadvertently apply for jobs that wouldn't work for you.

You can also ask FlexJobs for a full refund if you aren’t satisfied with their service in the first 30 days. Here are a couple examples of the jobs they offer:

  • Social Media Coordinator: Seeking a part-time social media coordinator to market the company using social media outlets. Must be familiar with the latest fashion trends & designers and have a keen sense of style. Social media and photography experience are required.
  • Development Associate: Thank donors, support financial tracking, manage email communications, help plan events, update donor database, research best practices, etc. $1600-1800/month. 20-25 hrs/wk. Work remotely.

2. Virtual Vocations

The next site we found useful is from a company out of Beaverton, Oregon, called Virtual Vocations. If is job search on steroids, Virtual Vocations is the more basic approach.

Its database has thousands of telecommuting job leads and user-friendly job alerts, profile building and more. But it doesn't have all the other bells and whistles, like skills testing. The result is a clean site whose homepage has links to the job categories you seek.

It's also free! Of course, to have full access to every job and every feature, you need to pay. Prices are comparable to (within $1 to $10), but Virtual Vocations also offers you a 1-week plan for only $6.99. If you plan on an intensive job search over the course of 7 days, this is a great deal.

Here are a couple examples of the jobs they offer:

  • Graphic Design and Creative Production Assistant: A small ad agency needs a designer who will be responsible for creating emails, creating direct mail packages, and assisting with both online and/or print graphic design.
  • Work from Home Customer Service Associate:
    • Educate customers on products and services to translate customer behaviors into recommendations for card use and new card acquisition
    • Provide feedback to managers to help enhance the customer experience
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