Cell phone contracts can be the (oppressive) pits.  Switching cell carriers mid-contract comes with a hefty early termination fee. Most carriers charge between $150.00 and $250.00 and tack on an additional month of service to set you free. To get a new phone before the current contract ends can send prices sky high!

But here’s a little-known trick: cellular carriers will let you switch contracts with another qualified person willing to take over your contract. Celltradeusa.com acts as a virtual matchmaker. The site matches up the “Get Out” members with customers who want to “Get In” to another contract.

Here are the Ins and Outs:

  • Register a free user profile at Celltradeusa.com. Enter details and terms of your remaining contract obligation. Other Celltradeusa.com members will browse. If they’re interested, they will contact you. Through the website, the contracts are switched with cell companies.
  • Celltradeusa.com works with every U.S. cellular provider that requires a signed contract for service.
  • You can trade out your contract regardless of how much time remains with all carriers except with Verizon and ATT-Cingular. Those companies only allow the trade of a contract with a remaining term of 12 and 11 months, respectively.
  • If you are a Get In member, it is free to register on the site and take over a Get Out member's signed contract.
  • Those interested in signing over a contract can register and correspond for free but must pay $19.00 to actually make a transfer. The membership expires when a contract is successfully transferred.
  • Both members must follow through the “transfer of responsibility process.” The interested buyer must submit a credit application to the cellular provider. The cell company decides whether to approve and sends appropriate documents. Once signed, the contract is transferred. The entire process should take no more than 30 minutes.
  • Some members offer their cell phone as in incentive for interested contract buyers. Those trades are made between members, and Celltradeusa.com is not involved.
  • Celltradeusa.com protects members' data during transactions using encryption.
  • To register for a free Get In or Get Out member profile on Celltradeusa.com, click here.
Trading Calls: Get Out of Your Cell Phone Contract at Celltradeusa.com