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Airline miles are great—if you use them. If not, they tend to pile up—at least until your mileage club sends you a note warning of an impending mileage expiration date. Also, some types of mileage points can be hard to redeem for actual travel. Navigating blackout dates, available times and itineraries sometimes seems like more trouble than the free travel is really worth. But now there’s an easy way to make your airline miles work for you. You can turn them into cash. Everyone loves cash. Everyone needs cash. Everyone uses cash. It’s a clear win-win! Read on to learn about services that can help you turn miles into cash.

Great miles-to-cash redemption services

Each service works a bit differently. Some have mileage redemption minimums while others do not. Some work with only airline miles clubs while others also redeem credit card points and hotel club points. Read on to choose the best service for your needs. Many of these services also permit you to purchase miles or travel at discounted rates.

1. Flip My Miles

  • Website: https://flipmymiles.com/
  • Mileage minimum: 70,000
  • Club types: Airlines clubs, credit card mileage clubs, hotel mileage clubs
  • Payment type: Direct deposit or check
  • Wait time: Payment is immediate

Summary: Flip My Miles is a “mileage brokerage service” that turns your unused airline miles into cash. All you need to do is fill out their free form to sell your miles. The form requires your name, email address and the type of points program you have.

2. Cash for My Miles

  • Website: http://cashformymiles.com
  • Mileage minimum: No stated minimum
  • Club types: Airlines clubs, credit card mileage clubs, hotel mileage clubs
  • Payment type: PayPal or check
  • Wait time: Immediate

Summary: Cash for My Miles allows you to submit quote requests for multiple airline miles clubs in one easy quote form. The form requires your name, email address, phone number and program type. Once they verify your mileage balance, you’ll receive your cash quote and can decide whether or not to sell.

3. Earn Rewards Cash

  • Website: http://earnrewardscash.com
  • Mileage minimum: 50,000
  • Club types: Airline mileage clubs, credit card points, hotel mileage clubs
  • Payment type: Doesn’t say
  • Wait time: Doesn’t say

Earn Rewards Cash is geared towards small business owners or families with accumulated points. The service buys and sells miles and points. The main reason this site is included is because they have a very cool miles-to-cash points calculator tool on the home page that helps you see in advance how much you might get for redeeming miles or points.

4. Sell My Rewards

  • Website: https://sellmyrewards.com
  • Mileage minimum: 10,000
  • Club types: Airline mileage clubs, credit card points, gift cards, other clubs
  • Payment type: PayPal, bank wire transfer, overnight check
  • Wait time: When miles are used (purchased by a buyer)

Sell My Rewards is a broker geared to individuals with lower mileage balances. If you’re redeeming points or miles from Chase or Citi credit card programs, your payment will be immediate. For all other programs and cards, your payment will be when the miles are used by Sell My Rewards (to sell to a miles buyer).


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