In part two of this series about how to use your PayPal account as a savings account, I want to tell you how to make money by using Swagbucks. I first read about Swagbucks on my local couponing blog and quickly signed up! It’s one of the easiest ways I’ve found to make money online.  And it keeps me challenged, rewards me for things I’m already doing, and turns into cash in my PayPal account! Whenever I go online to search for anything, I go to Swagbucks first and do all of my online searching through their site. This earns me 6-10 Swagbucks per day. Read on to find out my favorite ways to earn points a.k.a. cash.  

Take daily polls

Earn Swagbucks by taking daily polls. I log on regularly to answer the day’s question—that’s 365 Swagbucks per year! You can also submit questions for the daily poll to earn extra points! Earn additional bucks by referring friends as well. 


Shop through Swagbucks and earn money. I recently purchased contacts from Walgreens online through Swagbucks. I earned 1075 points for that transaction. Score! It was so easy—all I had to do was click on the shop button, choose Walgreens and voila, earn points! Even if the store isn’t featured on the list, you can still earn credit! You’ll get a confirmation email sent to you after each order—I suggest keeping this in your inbox until the points are awarded into your account as it may take a few days for the credit.

Print coupons

Print coupons through Swagbucks and earn 10 points every time a coupon is used. Click the drop-down box under the discover tab and you’ll see the available coupons. These points will add to your total points—usually without your knowledge. If you want to see how many points you earn per activity, go to your account and see the summary. 

Swag codes

Redeem swag codes from blog sites, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. These are usually posted every day on their social media pages and are typically worth 2-6 points. Swag codes involve a string of text and may be all caps. Copy the code exactly as is or it won’t work! Swag codes don’t have spaces and expire within a specific timeframe.

Other ways to earn Swagbucks 

  • Order discount magazines
  • Shop on Groupon
  • Sign up for a free credit report
  • Shop on Living Social
  • Watch videos
  • Take surveys
  • Complete tasks
  • Play games
Check your Swagbucks inbox  frequently for more exciting opportunities to earn cash. Whenever I get ready to complete any task online, I go through Swagbucks—whether searching, paying a bill, shopping or researching. 
This may sound like a lot of activity, but you can accomplish the above tasks in just a few minutes! Earning 5,000 points gets me about $50 in my PayPal account for completing tasks I would have been doing anyway. 
 This is a guest post by Tammy from St. Pauls, NC.
Use Your PayPal Account as a Savings Account with Swagbucks