Some of us know a great deal about home repairs, some may know how to solve math problems in less than one minute, and others know everything about vegan cooking. In fact, we are all experts at something, and now we can get paid to give advice on almost any topic with Ether.  Ether is a website that connects experts with people seeking their knowledge. Start getting paid for sharing your knowledge with the world!

1.  Visit and click the “sign up” link.
2.  Create an account by choosing a username and password.
3.  Create a listing. The screen will prompt you to do the following:

  • Enter a listing title, area of specialty, and summary of service.
  • Your rate per minute or per hour.
  • Enter your preferred contact phone number. This number will be linked to your Ether number and will never be publicly shared.
  • The system automatically sets up a “quiet time,” so you will not be disturbed during 10:00pm and 8:00am of your respective time zone.

4.  Add your debit card for verification purposes only. Your card will not be charged for using Ether.
5.  Get your Ether number. This is the only number the general public will dial to reach you.
6.  Start advertising.

  • Post your Ether number on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites to help promote your services.
  • Create business cards with your Ether phone number and profile link.
  • Start a blog to share your expertise and link your Ether profile to it.

7.  Take clients and get paid!

  • Set your availability preferences so you receive calls only when you are available.
  • Clients prepay the posted rate to Ether before being connected to you, so you are guaranteed that you will be paid.
  • Share your expertise with the caller.
  • Get paid through Paypal! Ether keeps a 15% commission, which is very reasonable considering they don’t charge fees to list your services.

My expertise is college preparation, anything from personal statements to resumes to mock college interviews. I received my first phone call the first week of March from a mother and her daughter who wanted to submit an additional essay to a college that had placed the student on their wait list. The mother asked a few questions regarding my background.  The student read her essay and asked technical questions about the writing. I commented on the content and structure of the essay. The conversation was very pleasant; they were appreciative of the advice. Before hanging up, I offered a complimentary review of the revised essay. At the end of the phone call, I made a net of $38.25, and this was without even making an extra effort to advertise. You, too, can make someone else’s life a lot easier by sharing your knowledge and earning a little extra money by doing so!

This has been a guest post by Gloria from Santa Ana, CA
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Ways to Earn: Get Paid to Share Your Expertise