Apple rarely offers discounts, but Apple back to school 2019 is shaping up to be a great time to buy that MacBook you’ve wanted all year.

Especially if you’re a college student or an educator!

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1. Score an extra 5-10% off regular Apple prices at the Apple store if you’re a college student.

Apple back-to-school sales are rare, but they exist! They come in the form of “education pricing” and it’s Apple-speak for “student discount.”

Education pricing is available for college students, their parents, staff and teachers, and homeschool teachers. It’s probably the best Apple back-to-school discount we’ll see.

You might have to provide proof of enrollment, like a class schedule, in order to get the deal. But you’ll save between 5-10% on a new Apple product. That’s up to $200 off a MacBook!


2. Get free Beats headphones with an iMac or MacBook purchase.


Starting now through September 26th, when you buy a new MacBook or an iMac using education pricing, they’ll throw in a free pair of Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones (worth $349.95).

As far as back-to-school laptop deals go, this one isn’t a discount on the actual MacBook, but if you factor in the savings on a new pair of Beats, it’s a valuable discount.


3. Set an Apple deal alert in the KCL app to get savings from Amazon.

If you’ve got high schoolers or younger who don’t qualify for Apple’s education pricing, but you still want to take advantage of 2019’s Apple back-to-school savings, Amazon might be your salvation.

Last summer, we saw MacBooks (Air and Pro) for about $200 off regular prices. The best way to keep a finger on Amazon’s pulse when it comes to Apple deals is to sign up for Apple deal alerts in the KCL app.

Pinky promise we’ll tap your shoulder the minute we see what Apple back-to-school sales Amazon offers!

Not sure how to set a KCL deal alert? Got you covered!


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4. Save 5% when you buy an Apple Watch or iPad at Target with your REDcard.

REDcard is connected to your checking account, so it’s more like a debit card than a credit card.

But every time you use it to buy anything at Target, you get an automatic 5% discount, taken at the register.

Go ahead and rock your Apple back-to-school 2019 game by saving an extra 5% on Apple Watch and iPad.

Learn even more little-known ways to save on Apple products.



5. Look for iPhone back-to-school promotions from AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile.

I’m not going to sugarcoat this — iPhone deals through mobile phone carriers are tricky and can have a lot of fine print.

Make sure you read everything and ask every question you can think of before you jump on anything.

That said, there are some deals to be had, and when it comes to a new iPhone and anything you pay for Apple that’s less than full price, it’s a win.

  • AT&T: BOGO Free deal on iPhone 8s last year. You had to buy one and pay to activate it in order to get a second iPhone 8 for free. But hey, $699 in savings isn’t too shabby!
  • Verizon: Buy an iPhone, save $250 on an iPad. Buy both the iPhone and the iPad and then you’ll receive $250 off at checkout. You need to agree to a new two-year activation for the iPad, but if you need both, this is a good option.
  • T-Mobile: Last year you could get an iPhone 6s for just $99. You’ll need to set up monthly payments and pay on it for two years before the credit shows up on your statement. This means you pay $15/month for two years and then T-Mobile will credit back what you’ve paid until the point where you’ve only paid $99.


6. Trade in your old Apple device to get credit toward a new one.

Apple’s trade-in program gives you credit toward a new Apple purchase when you trade in your old device.

For iPhone, you can apply the credit toward the purchase of a new iPhone or toward your monthly payments to your phone carrier.

You can even fill out a form to “trade up” your device online, and Apple will send you an Apple Store gift card in exchange.

For example, you can trade your iPhone 6 – iPhone 8 and get an iPhone XR for $649-$479 ($749 reg.).

For Mac, iPad and Apple Watch, just enter your device’s serial number to get an estimate of how much it is worth.

Even if your device isn’t worth anything and you plan to buy a new one, be sure to hand over the old soldier to Apple so they can recycle it responsibly.


7. Skip Apple’s refurbished models — you can’t use education pricing.

Although Apple’s refurbished products have great reviews and people say they are basically like new, if you qualify for education pricing, you really have no business bothering with refurbished.

Why? Because the best value on a Mac computer lies with your education pricing and the free pair of Beats headphones Apple wants to throw at you.

13-inch MacBook Air

You’ll spend $70.00 more on the new version

21.5-inch Dual-Core iMac

You’ll spend $30.00 more on the new version

But if you don’t care to buy from Apple, check out the refurbished models at Until Gone.


8. If you want to buy refurbished, check out Until Gone or iTech Deals.

Both Until Gone and iTech Deals boast up to 85% savings on Apple products like MacBooks, computers, iPads and more.

They’re refurbished items, but they’re perfect for a college student’s first computer, plus you won’t be worrying about it getting dropped or otherwise ruined if you paid 85% less on it!

We’ve seen MacBook Air for $289.99 (84% savings!) at iTech Deals and 20″ iMacs for $149.99 (also 84% savings) at Until Gone.

On the websites, type “Apple” into the search bar to sort out other brands.


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