You can get most of these benefits by signing up for IKEA’s free store loyalty program — IKEA Family.

Then head to IKEA and load up on all the perks (oh, and furniture too, of course).


1. Shop online now that shipping fees starts at $29 (instead of $99).


In February of 2018, IKEA announced a reduction in their notoriously expensive shipping rate.

Instead of starting at $99, large-item shipping rates start at $29 and max out at $59. Cost is factored based on how far away you are from IKEA and demand for your item.

Small-item shipping starts at $9.


2. Use Google Wait Times to plan your trip based on when your IKEA is least crowded.

Google your IKEA store and look at the little graph that shows high and low traffic times. For example, the best time to visit the Salt Lake City IKEA is right when it opens at 10am or during the midday lull (around 3pm).


3. Claim a sale price on your item up to 90 days after you buy.

One of the best IKEA FAMILY perks! You can take your receipt back to the store for up to three months if you see a price reduction on any item you bought, and IKEA will give you the difference.


4. Get a free cup of coffee or tea — plus refills!

No shame! IKEA offers IKEA FAMILY members this benefit in lieu of earning points for dollars spent in the store. Load up your cup a few times while you’re shopping.



5. Cash in 1.5 hours of free childcare while you shop.

I understand not all stores offer a full hour of childcare at Smaland, although most do. If you’re an IKEA FAMILY member, you get an extra 30 minutes on top of the standard one hour.


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6. Buy a frozen yogurt and get a second one free.

Go to the IKEA bistro and get a coupon for a BOGO fro-yo. You’ll get this for joining IKEA FAMILY, and it’s a one-time thing.


7. Score a $25 coupon toward a $250 purchase if you’re moving.


Just fill out your information and get 10% off your whole order of $250 or more.


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