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1. Instead of hopping in the shower to shave your legs, use baby oil.

If you see a patch of hair you missed or need clean shaven legs stat, use baby oil instead of jumping in the shower — or, worse — dry-shaving.


2. Dry polish quickly by dunking nails in ice water.

Let them air dry for a couple minutes then dunk away.

NOTE: Although ice water helps the surface dry quickly, your polish can still get messed up if you’re not careful. We recommend you only dip, not swirl.


3. Cover a chipped or overgrown manicure with glitter nail polish.


4. Push cuticles back in the shower.

After you’ve been in the shower for a few minutes, your cuticles should be soft and in perfect condition to be pushed back. Do this every time you shower and your nails will look clean and well-kept, even without a proper manicure.



5. You should also brush your teeth in the shower.


6. Deep condition your hair before you exercise.

Before you go to the gym, apply a deep conditioner to your hair and then put it up into a bun. The time, and the heat from your body, will help the conditioner set in.

NOTE: Limit your workout to less than an hour. Leaving moisturizer in for longer could lead to over-conditioned hair, eventually making it more prone to breakage.


7. Use dry shampoo after washing your hair to boost volume.

Instead of digging through your stash of hair products or teasing hair, just apply dry shampoo after you’ve just washed and dried your locks. It’ll help remove any leftover oils that cause excess weight.


8. Running low on foundation? Mix what’s left with a bit of moisturizer.


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9. Keep mascara from smudging and getting all over the place with a business card.

Because applying mascara when you’re rushing to get ready is a dangerous thing.


10. Skip using makeup brushes and apply foundation and concealer with your fingers.

Skip using makeup brushes and apply foundation and concealer with your fingers.

Via Guff

When you’re short on time, don’t waste seconds looking for the right brush — just use your fingers. And since your ring finger is the weakest, use it to blend creams ensuring a light touch.


11. Line and curl lashes at the same time.


12. Build muscle by wearing wrist weights while blow-drying your hair.


13. Spray bobby pins with hairspray before using for a stronger hold.

Prevent bobby pins from slipping out of your hair by making them sticky with a bit of hairspray.



14. Repair a torn nail with a tea bag.

Cut out a piece of a teabag to fit over your nail’s tear or crack and use a base coat to glue it down. Allow the base coat to dry before gently filing the teabag paper down to create an even surface on your nail. Paint over with nail color.


15. Only wear red lipstick.

Even if you don’t wear any other makeup, you’ll still look put together when you wear red lipstick.


16. Spray on dry shampoo before you go to bed.

Your hair produces oils while you sleep, which can cause greasy, flat hair — not good if you’re not planning to wash your hair in the morning. Spray dry shampoo on before bed, and wake up with voluminous hair.


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