Everyone has a favorite store. Maybe it's that certain drugstore that rewards its cardholders, the grocery store with the budget-saving weekly deals, or that lingerie store that releases those awesome reward cards and allows coupon stacking. For me, my long-adored store is Lands' End.

Lands' End has a little something for everyone in the family — even my pets! Some shoppers might overlook this store because they think their clothing prices aren't as low as JCPenney, or their luggage prices aren't as good as closeouts from a store like T.J Maxx or Marshalls. But I've found lots of ways to get quality merchandise from Lands' End at substantial savings year-round.

So consider this your "end" of deal-hunting. Here are 5 reasons to shop at Lands' End:

1. They give away bargains "On the Counter"

Each week beginning on Saturday, Lands' End places a select group of items (mostly clothing—think off-season, limited sizing, or discontinued merchandise) on a virtual counter for customers to buy at a sharply discounted price. The items get further discounts every few days: on Monday, the items are reduced a further 25 percent. On Wednesday, the items are reduced a further 50 percent. On Friday, the items are reduced a whopping 75 percent more! Here's a recent sampling of the savings:

  • Cloth flower pin accessory: originally $15, initial offer $9.99, discounted on Friday to $2.00
  • Men's long-sleeve button down solid pinpoint shirt: originally $50, initial offer $24.99, discounted on Friday to $6.00
  • Women's elbow sleeve floral Pima polo: originally $40, initial offer $29.97, discounted on Friday to $7.00
  • Sizing and color choices can be limited quickly as people rush to these counter deals, so shop early every Friday for the best selection at the best prices.

2. They allow big savings through an "imperfection"

Lands' End quality control is so picky that the company will only sell items that are perfect in every way.  A loose string, a missing button, or a slight color variance is enough to send a specific item (or even an entire case of items) into their "Not Quite Perfect" category, which sells online at amazingly low prices.  Can't afford this cute $78 Oxford Shirtdress at full price? Consider this $85.00 Henley Dress in the NQP section for only $19.99! Reviews on this item are excellent; one customer wrote in the reviews, "even on close inspection, I cannot find the 'imperfection.'" Lots of school uniform pieces can also be found this time of year in the NQP category, many at only $4.99 (with original price tags of $40). NQP items are still guaranteed and can be returned for any reason, so it's worth the time to browse and order.

3. If something under-performs, it's guaranteed

Lands' End offers a guarantee of their merchandise unmatched by many in the apparel and home goods industry. They will allow returns and replacements of merchandise any time, for any reason — even without a receipt. And personal experience proves they make good on this. A zipper broke on my son's backpack, and I returned it, sans receipt (since I had long ago tossed it). I downloaded a return form, indicated the problem, and shipped the merchandise back. It was replaced within two weeks. Additionally, I received a gift card on top of the price difference between the "new" replacement and the original cost of the "old" backpack, which far exceeded my expectations! They really do care about their merchandise and the satisfaction of their customers, so don't be shy about using their guarantee.  Nervous? Learn more about guarantees and how to claim them here.

4. Customer service can actually help you

When I really wanted a back-to-school Lands' End item in time for the start of classes but didn't want to pay shipping, I called them to ask about promotions — and the possibility of free shipping. It was extended on the spot (thanks, customer service representative Sue)! With some companies, brand loyalty and kindness are rewarded.

5. Deals, Coupon Codes, and Promotions—oh my!

Lands' End offers routine promotional codes and free shipping options (find current codes at RetailMeNot). Additionally, they participate through eBates at a rate of 6 percent cash back and ShopDiscover at a rate of 5 percent cash back (plus some free shipping and discounted monogramming options). So when you shop online, don't forget to add a coupon code and pin code for big savings.


I'll be a Lands' End customer for years, thanks to their high quality…and my know-how of scoring their best possible prices!

5 Reasons to Shop and Save at Lands' End