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Ah, the seemingly-lowly bottle of milk of magnesia. It sits in your medicine cabinet—or in cases of extreme couponers, the stockpile shelves—and awaits tummy aches. Over time, it becomes chalkier and less useful; it might even be thrown away…but only by people who don't realize its incredible beauty benefits.

If you've found a deal on this unbelievably versatile product, it's time to start making use of it. After all, the last thing you need is to have any carefully couponed item expire. Try these seven brilliantly simple tricks of the trade to make the most of your milk of magnesia supply.

1. As a smooth skin primer

Women with oily skin often find that their makeup starts to "drip" throughout the day. This is frustrating and, quite honestly, downright yucky! To solve this concern, apply a thin layer of milk of magnesia to your face, allow it to dry, and then put on your makeup as usual. The oil will be absorbed throughout the day thanks to the drying properties of the over-the-counter remedy.

2. As a frugal facial mask

Who doesn't love treating herself to a face mask on a weekly basis?  Milk of magnesia, when applied in several layers, can help tighten pores and remove impurities from the skin. It also stops any oily shine. Leave it on for about 15-20 minutes, and then simply wash it off. Your face will feel as nice as a baby's tush!

3. As a sensitive solution for diaper rash

Speaking of babies…did you know milk of magnesia can make diaper rash less intense for little ones?  Put it on the affected area, and your little one will soon be cooing with happiness. Just make sure you use plain milk of magnesia; the flavored varieties may have additives that could cause children discomfort.

4. As a terrific treatment for sunburn

We've all had the embarrassing experience of staying out in the sun too long. Either we forgot to apply sunscreen, or our sunscreen wore off.  Whatever the reason, neon pink skin is hardly conducive to feeling beautiful! Tame the heat with milk of magnesia, a skin soother that will promote healing.

5. As a cheap blemish fix

Who wants to go around with a pimple or blackhead longer than necessary? Instead of picking at your acne, use milk of magnesia as a method to get it to go away quickly. A little dab a few times during the day should be enough, and you won't be left with a scar. Bonus: If you do have acne scars from other breakouts, you should know that some people swear milk of magnesia helps reduce them when applied regularly to the scar site.

6. As a thrifty deodorant

Let's say your stockpile of deodorant was suddenly invaded by marauding teenagers during a slumber party. Now, you're left high and dry until the next time you can get a bargain. There's no need to worry…or to stink. If you have milk of magnesia on hand, just put a few layers under your armpits for an instant do-it-yourself deodorant.  You'll need to let it dry for a few minutes, but it should keep you smelling fine the whole day. Be forewarned that it isn't an antiperspirant, but you can always use talcum powder on top of the dried milk of magnesia to solve that issue.

7. As a dandy dandruff slayer

Are you or a loved one suffering from a nasty case of dandruff?  If you don't have expensive shampoos on hand, try milk of magnesia as a cleanser for your scalp.  Rub it into the areas where the dandruff is plaguing you, rinse it out thoroughly, and then shampoo and condition (if desired) your hair as usual.

This is a guest post by Angelique from Camp Hill, PA.



7 Brilliant Beauty Uses for Milk of Magnesia