Feet and toes, rejoice! With spring finally here, it's time to shed those heavy winter boots and clunky clogs. Everywhere I look, I see women in cute canvas flats, especially the colorful brand Toms. And while I admire the company’s "one-for-one" business philosophy of donating a pair of shoes to someone in need with every purchase, I have a hard time paying $60 or more for some of their simple styles.

Still, I want to be on-trend and comfortable, and I know Toms will offer me both. Luckily, I have a few savings strategies to share in order to score these cute shoes at a discount.

1. Use the site's free shipping codes

There are currently two promotional codes for free shipping at Toms.com: free shipping with a $65 site purchase and free shipping on crochet-style shoes through April 15.

2. Opt for a classic

The Toms "Classic" collection offers solid-colored shoes for at least $10 less per pair than their multi-colored or embellished counterparts. When searching the "Classic" collection, sort by price ("low to high") to find the best bargains. You'll still have a wide range of color options like Ash, Olive, Chocolate, and my favorite, Wine.

3. Shop via Amazon

Amazon has an impressive selection of Toms shoes for men, women, kids, and infants. Certain colors and styles are cheaper via Amazon than on the Toms site, especially when using this promotion for 20 percent off a $100 shoe purchase or this sign-up-and-save promotion for 20 percent off any purchase. Remember: Amazon also offers free returns for shoes.

4. Shop with codes

Toms occasionally offers online shopping codes for discounts off purchases. Through March 31, for instance, enter the code TOMSSPRING5 for $5 off a $25 purchase. To learn of other applicable codes throughout the year, check some promo code sites like Savings.com or ShopaholicMommy.com.

5. Cash-in your Discover Bonus points

Discover card has a new redemption option for an earned Cashback Bonus award. Accumulate just $20 in cashback, and redeem it for a $25 Toms gift card. That's a free 20 percent bonus return on your money! The card is a regular gift card, so it can be used in conjunction with other offers, like an online code.

6. Try a daily deal site

Daily deal site Zulily ran a promotion in February for Toms that we blogged about.  With warm weather coming and people needing to update their shoe wardrobes, who knows what additional offers might appear in the coming months? KCL will keep you updated when we find them!

7. Try a youth size

If you are a woman with size 6 or smaller feet, shop the "Youth" section of Toms. For example, their youth's silver glitter shoes retail for $42 online while their women's silver glitter shoes retail for $54.

8. Opt for Bobs instead

The Skechers company offers shoes similar to Toms called Bobs. Like Toms, a pair of shoes will be donated to an individual in need with each Skechers Bobs purchase. Their styles are similar to Toms but less costly. For instance, their glitter flats for women retail for only $35 (compared to $54 for Toms). Bobs can be found in many department stores, but free shipping can also be netted if buying online by joining their free Skechers Elite program, accessible on their homepage.


So if it's time for some new shoes for you or someone in your family and you've been thinking about grabbing some Toms, hopefully the tips above will help you get what you want while still saving money.   What a way to make your feet (and wallet) happy!

8 Ways to Save on Toms Shoes