I learned the art of selling clothes to consignment stores at my mother's knee—literally. She would gather up all the items in her closet that still looked fairly presentable, wash and iron and hang them, set a price, then trundle the whole bundle down to the local consignment store. Any profits made were then split between her and the store.

By the time I had an actual job and was able to afford my own wardrobe, the resale industry had done consignment stores even better, offering outright cash for purchase of used clothing—and not just in brick-and-mortar resale shops, but online, as well. Needless to say, I jumped on board in short order!

How do they work?

Online resale shops take a percentage of the sale value of your closet as a commission as noted (except for consignment stores, which will pay you up front). Some commission percentages are quite high (like 20%) so I won't list those sites here. For the most cash value in your pocket, find the sites that charge a commission of 10 percent or less, give you a cash or trade offer outright, or (best of all) give you total control over pricing and profit. Many of these online stores also offer "clothes for trade" options, which give you credits you can then turn around and spend right on the spot or save up for a bigger fun shopping spree later! Fun, right?!

So, all that being said, here are my top recommendations for online cash for clothes resellers. Happy selling and even happier shopping!

1. Twice

I like Twice for online reselling because not only is their method very simple (they send you a prepaid bag, you send in your clothing, they make you an offer you can accept or reject), but you can also use the resale value calculator right on their home page to estimate what your used clothing is likely to net in cash value. Best of all, they pay up front for everything they accept, so no seller fee is assessed.

2. Copious

Copious is backed by the same folks that helped Facebook grow (sooooo big) so it is likely a stable online shop that is here for the long haul. The twist here is that Copious works through your social media accounts so you need an app to use it. Once you’re in, it is easy to sell just by uploading a photo of the item you want to sell. Best of all, the seller commission is just 6 percent—one of the lowest on the web.

3. StoreEnvy

Have you ever wanted to go into online biz for yourself? StoreEnvy makes it easy. You can set up your own online store (for free!), photograph and list your items, and sell them for whatever you want to earn. If you want to use your own store domain name just pay a one-time low fee of $4.99.

4. Tradesy

Tradesy is one of those online resale shops that literally "has it all"—from couture fashions to wedding dresses to consignment finds. They take just 9 percent as a seller fee, they accept returns, their shipping kit is easy-peasy, and they even have sales on resale items (as if the prices aren't already low enough!) Best of all, Tradesy is recommended by some pretty trusted names—Forbes, the Los Angeles Times, Good Morning America and others have all endorsed this online reseller.

5. Little Sprouts Resale

As an auntie to three "little sprouts" myself (all of whom are far more fashionable than me on my best day) I couldn't resist listing one online resale/consignment shop just for the little ones! This online resale boutique has very clear guidelines on what it will accept and an easy consignment program. They offer an up-front cash payout on the items they take, or they will give you the value in cash plus 15 percent back in trade—your choice. Best of all, they will re-consign items you've previously purchased from them! And since you are paid in a straight-out initial offer, there are no sellers' fees (and you are also free to accept or reject their offer).

*Note: Thanks to Tracie at Little Sprouts who saw this post and decided to offer KCL readers an exclusive discount! Enter KCL15 at checkout to receive 15% off your first order!

Brick-and-mortar "cash for clothes" resale shops

If you still enjoy the nostalgia of actually visiting brick-and-mortar stores to sell, buy, and trade fashions, read on for a short list of my top favorite offline resale shops!

Clean the Cash Out of Your Closet by Selling Clothes Online