Finding great coupon savings on dental floss may feel like its own reward. But when you discover all the other great things you can use your storehouse of floss to accomplish, you may just feel like you've won the couponing lottery! From the sensible to the surprising, this post introduces you to 12 new ways to put your extra floss to good use!

1. Thread your needle

Run out of thread at a critical moment? Not only is dental floss stronger than thread, but it threads even more easily (since, of course, it’s designed to slip through that smallest of crevices—two side-by-side teeth).

2. Support fragile plants

Trying to train roses to grow up a trellis? Have a young sapling getting bullied by the wind? Dental floss makes for a near unbreakable training tie for any young, fragile, or ailing greenery.

3. Quiet the drip-drip-drip

Leaking faucets or spigots can be a sleeper's nemesis. But if you simply wrap a piece of floss around the end and let it trail down into the sink, the water droplets will follow the floss all the way down, like aqua rappellers.

4. Rescue stuck photos

When photos become stuck together—whether due to moisture, glue, or other reasons—salvaging them becomes challenging at best. Dental floss can rescue your photos easily—just slip a length between the two photos (or between the photo and the page) and slowly work it down until they separate completely (this maneuver is best done with an assistant).

5. Serve up unbroken baked goods

Cookies, cakes, and other delectable desserts might taste just as good whether crumbled or whole, but they certainly look better when they are intact to serve! By slipping a piece of dental floss between the cookie and the tray, or using floss as a slicer, you can serve the perfect dessert every time.

6. Decorate your walls

If you have nails but not backing hooks, let dental floss sub in. It is just as strong and often more visually appealing, and it can hang just about anything.

7.  Remove your ring

There are many reasons why a favorite ring might suddenly refuse to come off your finger. If this happens to you, take a piece of dental floss and wrap it around the affected finger from where the ring leaves off right to the fingertip. Wrap it tightly, but not so much so that you cut off the circulation. Your ring should slip right off (you can also use just a bit of soap or petroleum jelly for an extra bit of aid).

8. Floss your furniture

Just as bits of debris can get handily stuck between teeth, so too can intricate furniture hold on to dust and small fragments like nobody's business. You can literally "floss" away these little particles and leave your furniture looking like new again (this works very well for computer keyboards too!).

9. Repair a broken necklace…or clothesline…or fishing line

Dental floss is a great quick fix for a broken necklace—just string the beads on a piece of floss instead. In the same way, whether on a day trip or camping out, if you need a makeshift clothesline, or your fishing line snaps unexpectedly, dental floss can fill in without missing a beat.

10. Truss up some chef-worthy cuisine

Making bacon-wrapped shrimp but have nothing to hold the bacon around the shrimp as it cooks? Break out the dental floss and tie a short length around the outside of each bite-size creation (unflavored floss works best for this).

11. Fix broken eyeglasses

Little is more frustrating than hunting around for that tiniest of tiny screws that has mysteriously worked its way free from your eyeglasses. Can't find it and need to see asap? Thread some dental floss through that little hole and tie it – your eyeglasses will be useable until you can get them repaired.

12. Seal up cracks

Over time, wood furnishings can develop cracks. These cracks are not only unsightly but can be dangerous. Take a length of dental floss, soak it in some adhesive glue, and then carefully slip it down into the crack. The glue will fill in and seal up the crack nicely.


Dental Floss: 12 New Ways to Repurpose an Old Standard