I don't have to think back very far (maybe a couple of years or so) to remember a time when I did all my shopping in-store. Yes, I was a late online bloomer. But today, oh how I love to shop online! My favorite is Amazon.com (my parrot loves it too—plenty of fab avian finds), but Gilt.com has also been growing on me lately. It started to grow on me even more after I learned about the Gilt Insider member loyalty program. If you love online shopping like I do, check it out and let the savings begin!

1. What is Gilt?

Gilt.com is an online department store with advertised savings of up to 60% off in a wide variety of categories (women, men, kids, travel, home, city). The site has attracted a following in the millions thanks in large part to its awesome online sales, which are of short duration and well attended.

2. How do I become a member of Gilt Insider?

Membership in Gilt itself and the Gilt Insider program is free—you can sign up using email or Facebook. Once you are a member you have full access to the site's discounts, specials, and sales…as well as multiple options for accruing Insider points.

Here’s what to do:

3. How do I earn Gilt Insider points?

Gilt Insider gives you plenty of options for earning points—pick and choose, or try them all.

  • Just visiting the Gilt.com website daily earns you 1 point.
  • When you shop on Gilt.com, you get five points for every $1 you spend.
  • Referring a friend earns you 25 points.
  • Connecting your Gilt.com account to Facebook earns you 35 points/week.
  • If you visit Gilt.com for five consecutive days, you will get a deposit of 100 points.

4. What do my points get me?

You can start redeeming your points right away (for instance, when I joined Gilt Inside, I got 500 points, which I could immediately redeem for a free gift set worth 300 points or $10 off on a floral order worth 400 points).

5. What else do I get by becoming a Gilt Insider?

One of the main "draws" of Gilt.com to its members are the special sales. Sales launch and close daily—most only last 24-36 hours. On Wednesday and Sundays, special bonus sales start promptly at noon ET. As an Insider, you get welcome offers, early access to sales, a one-hour early preview, VIP customer service, exclusive sales offers, and wait list priority on in-demand items (perks vary by points accrued).


Save on Shipping and More with Gilt.com’s Insider Member Loyalty Program