You know what gives me warm, fuzzy feelings? Saving money and giving back to the community. You know what brings me down? Hauling my kids around town looking for a good deal on quality back-to-school clothes.

That's why discovering has been like hitting the jackpot for me. There's so much to love about it:

1. I save up to 80% on name brand clothes.

Schoola sells gently-used clothes at a fraction of the cost of new ones. In fact, you can score up to 80% off new. Schoola is up front about brands, materials, and original retail price so you know exactly what kind of a deal you're getting. Also, they photograph each piece of clothing, so you don't just get something that looks like what you saw on some retailer’s Web site, you get that exact item.

2. Donating is so simple, I don’t even need to leave my house.

How do you spell happiness? Y-O-G-A P-A-N-T-S. Anytime I can get stuff done wearing sweats and a messy bun while not leaving the house, everyone is happier. sends me an envelope that I stuff full of clothes and send back to them. They take care of the rest. Seriously, it couldn't be any easier.

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3. I get a $10 credit just for creating a collection.

Just like a regular retail site, you can search by size, color, brand, or type of clothing. You can even set up a collection for each kid on your list, and will pull pieces for you to choose from. It's way easier than trudging from aisle to aisle in a department store!

4. 40% of what I spend is donated to support a school or children’s program.

Someone has donated every article of clothing you buy from, and 40% of the proceeds go to support a school or kids program. Each product is clearly labeled so you can see how much will be donated, and who will be receiving the money.

5. I get huge savings on clothes for myself, too. isn’t just for kids and teens. Women can shop and donate clothes as well, so if you’re purging your closet for fall and winter clothes, consider donating your old apparel to Schoola.

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How I Save 80% on My Kids' Clothes with Schoola