Instead of: MAC Woodwinked – $15

Try: Milani Bronze Doll – $7.29

MAC usually makes amazing makeup, and Woodwinked is no exception. This eye shadow is a gorgeous medium-bronze shade with warm, orangish undertones. It has just the right amount of shimmer to it—in fact, I can wear it to work without looking like a disco ball. You have to apply the shadow a few times to really make your eyes pop, or you can just swipe it on once for a subtle glow. Although this eye shadow is beautiful, the price is a cringe-worthy $15.

Milani makes an eye shadow in the exact same shade for only $7! I find that Bronze Doll applies the same and gives me the same shimmery payoff as Woodwinked. And unlike some other drugstore (and high-end) eye shadows, it doesn't leave a powdery disaster all over my face and counter when I'm applying it. Although Milani's version appears a bit more glittery than Woodwinked, the glitter is only on the surface of the shadow. It swipes away after the first layer of shadow is removed. Both eye shadows are virtually identical. If I had to choose one, I'd rather get dolled up with Milani's cheaper version.

Get MAC Woodwinked in Milani Bronze Doll for Only $7.29!