Instead of: NARS Purple Rain, $19

Try: China Glaze Let's Groove, $2.75

I'll admit it—I have a weakness for purple nail polish. And NARS Purple Rain (yes, it was named after the Prince movie) doesn’t disappoint! Purple Rain is an intense, gothic, deep purple polish with tiny flecks of violet, blue and red. This polish is for sure a showstopper! I always get noticed when I wear it. Purple Rain goes on easily and is completely opaque after just one coat! My only complaint? The price tag! I can't justify spending $19 on a nail polish.

But don't worry! China Glaze offers an identical color called Let's Groove for less than $3! Let's Groove applies just like its pricey counterpart and is also the perfect hue after just one coat. Even though it's inexpensive, Let's Groove doesn't streak, and it lasts for almost a full week without a single chip. Unless you're a die-hard fan of Prince, I'd stick with China Glaze's groovier version.

NARS Purple Rain has a Twin—China Glaze Let’s Groove for Just $2.75!