Are you tired of having to constantly take your kids shopping for back-to-school shoes for their ever-growing feet? I have to take them at least every three months, and it can be a bit overwhelming.

Nike just came out with a new subscription box called Nike Adventure Club that’ll help you avoid those shopping trips.

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Adventure Club sends Nike kids’ shoes straight to your door.

There are three different plans to choose from:

  • 12 pairs a year for $50.00/month
  • 6 pairs a year for $30.00/month
  • 4 pairs a year for $20.00/month

You can choose from over 100 different shoes — including Converse. Nike Adventure Club carries sizes 4c to 7y and is geared for kids between two and ten years old. You can also change the shoe size on your kid’s profile as often as needed.


Each Nike Adventure Club box comes with shoes and activities.

Nike wants kids to have fun with the unboxing, so to make it special, they’ll receive a personalized box with their name on it and an activity kit inside. The kit includes games, puzzles and activities to keep your children active. In my first box, the kit included:

  • Stickers
  • Adventure Journal
  • Activity Newsletter

The Adventure Journal has pages for your child to fill in the date, what they saw, and what they did each day. The newsletter was a giant page filled with fun activities like the “Sensory Scramble” where kids can learn about the five senses and “Cat in the Middle,” which is basically a game otherwise known as Monkey in the Middle. The box itself is also great because it doubles as a coloring page!

Nike also has a weekly challenge on the Nike Adventure Club website with more activities for your kiddos.


Choose shoes worth at least $70.00 to make the most out of your subscription.

When comparing the shoes available through the program with the same or similar ones on Nike’s website, most of the Nike kids’ shoes tend to be $60.00 or less; however, there are a few with higher price tags. Some of them are:

  • Air Max Axis – $80.00 on
  • LD Victory – $70.00 on
  • Free RN 5.0 – $80.00 on
  • Air Max 90 – $70.00 on

In order to save money with the 4 pairs/year or 6 pairs/year Adventure Club plans, you’d have to get the $70.00+ shoes every time.


Sign up for 12 pairs a year to get the best deal.

With the 4 pairs/year and 6 pairs/year plans, your shoes will end up costing you $60.00 a pair, which is about the average price of kids’ shoes on

If you go for the 12 pairs/year plan, each pair would cost you about $50.00, which would actually save you $10.00 a pair. Not bad, but also not great.



The main reason to sign up is for the convenience — not the $10.00 savings.

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The savings really aren’t huge, and there are other ways you can save on Nike and back-to-school shoes, but Nike Adventure Club does save you a few trips to the shoe store.

Nike will also ship you a prepaid bag twice a year so you can donate any worn-down shoes. Nike will then either recycle them through Nike Grind or refurbish them by donating your kids’ old shoes to children in need as long as they aren’t in bad condition.


You’ll have to join a waitlist before you can place your first order.

Nike Adventure Club has had so many people sign up that they’ve started a waitlist.

When I signed up, I entered my information and was sent an email notifying me that they would send another email when I could start my subscription. About two to three days later, I was already off the waitlist and could place my first order.


Cancel your Nike subscription box at any time.

If you want to cancel your subscription, you can at any time. Depending on which plan you’re signed up for, you may have to make another payment or return the last shoes you received.

Each shoe box in the 12 pairs/year plan is equal to one payment. A box in the 6 pairs plan is the equivalent to two monthly payments, and a box in the 4 pairs plan is three payments.

You can also exchange the shoes you receive for any reason within seven days from the date they were delivered.



Use the one-time-use fit guarantee when your kid’s feet grow.

If your kiddo has a growth spurt and misses the seven day exchange period, Nike will give you a one-time-use fit guarantee.

Contact customer service and let them know that your child outgrew their shoes already, and they’ll work on sending you a half or full size up!


Adult women who wear size 8.5 or smaller or adult men who wear size 7 or smaller can use Nike Adventure Club too.

To convert youth sizes to women sizes, you just have to subtract 1.5, and men sizes are the same as youth sizes. That means, if your shoe size is smaller than an 8.5 women’s shoe or 7 men’s shoe, you could subscribe to this service too.

(You just might not enjoy the adventure pack as much as your kids would.)


Find similar Nike kids’ shoes for up to 25% off at Kohl’s.

You can find similar and identical styles at Kohl’s as you can on the Nike Adventure Club website, and they’re usually on sale for less than $60.00. For example, recently we saw Nike Air Max Oketo toddler shoes for just $45.00 on sale at Kohl’s. The same pair is regularly $60.00 at Nike.

You can’t use coupons on Nike products at Kohl’s, but you can earn and redeem Kohl’s Cash and Yes2You Rewards with your purchase.


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Nike Adventure Club Review: The Subscription Box for Nike Kids' Shoes