Do you look in your closet every morning with the dreaded feeling that yet again, you have nothing to wear? What do you do? Run out and buy a whole new wardrobe? If you're lucky, yes. But for the rest of us it's a little more complicated. I don't know about you, but I feel guilty every time I get rid of a box of clothes. They’re often pieces I once loved, but somehow no longer remember what it was that drew me to each piece in the first place. The perfect solution to alleviate both your lacking wardrobe and guilt is as easy as a party with friends—a wardrobe swap!

What to bring

A wardrobe swap is simple. Each participant brings a set number of items from their closet that they no longer wear. Pieces brought should be lightly worn, clean and damage-free. Display the articles and allow your guests to inspect and try on if needed. Draw straws to determine who gets to select an item first and to create an even playing field for those that may be eyeing the same piece.

When to host one

Swaps are usually best held at the end of each season, as people can more easily pinpoint which articles in their closet may have a chance at a better home. Although it's easiest to invite your regular circle of friends, remember the more you and your friends invite, the more clothes you'll have to choose from!

Setting expectations

Ask everyone to bring a snack or drink to share, set up a full-length mirror or two, and you're ready for a fun afternoon of shopping at no cost! You can donate items that go unselected to a local charity or thrift store, ensuring that someone will appreciate your once loved piece.



Host a Clothing Swap for a Whole New Wardrobe