Coupon ladies – please read! You do NOT need to forgo your relaxing monthly facial now that you are on a budget.  You CAN still splurge on a pedicure.  We can all afford to look beautiful and feel like we live in luxury.  I have the secret.

Like you, I clip coupons for everything.  I only use whatever brand of toothpaste is free. I never buy meat that isn't on sale. But gosh darn it, I love my hair too much to deny it the color it craves, and I too get stressed to the point of needing a pedicure!  And no matter how broke I was in my collegiate years, I never had to give up my favorite salon services, because I stumbled upon the world of student salons.

Cosmetology is a rapidly growing industry in this country, and that means that there are more students than ever who need to cut your hair and treat your toes to complete their schooling requirements.  And in exchange for your help, these schools offer unbelievable pricing to get you into their student-staffed salons.  Supporting these student salons helps the future professionals get the experience they need to successfully move forward in their career, and you'll get salon-quality service while they perform your facial or hair color job under the direct supervision of an experienced, licensed cosmetology instructor.

Some of the programs offered by cosmetology schools include:

  • Cosmetology – hair cuttings, coloring, highlighting, styling – which means all of these services are available at a student salon
  • Esthetics – waxing and facials – which can cost more than $75 in most salons, but can be 60% off or more when you work with a cosmetology student
  • Manicuring – acrylic nails, spa pedicures, gel nails, and more – at a price you can afford to treat your daughter, too!
  • Massage – many cosmetology schools also offer massage programs, which offer long treatments at rock bottom prices – allowing you to really relax because you know you got a great deal

Here are some of the deals found in my hometown:

  • Basic Facial – $20 (Average price in established salons approximately $65)
  • Spa Pedicure – $18 (Average price in established salons approximately $40)
  • Hair Cut – $7 (Average price in established salons approximately $20)
  • Kids Hair Cut – $5 (Average price in established salons approximately $15)
  • 1.5 Hour Massage – $45 (Average price in established salons approximately $90)

What will you find at the student salon in your city?  Try calling and inquiring about their monthly specials.  Sometimes you can score an extra-special deal by visiting on slower days of the week.  At my local salon, you can get a Manicure and Pedicure AND keep your brand-new OPI nail polish for just $20 if you visit the salon Monday – Thursday!  That's a Krazy deal!

Feel good about treating yourself – enjoy your savings while you support a future cosmetologist!

This has been a guest post by Brittnee from Fresno, CA
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