Let’s be honest: buying a whole new wardrobe is next to impossible (or at the very least—expensive). Plus—sometimes it’s best to just work with what you have. Remember when you got that lovely wool coat from Gap on clearance? In its heyday it was wonderful and warm, but now it’s tired and worn. Before you throw your old clothes out with spring cleaning—try making them new again with this one simple trick!

We all have an old coat similar to this one somewhere deep in our closet:


You know the one—the one you probably stopped wearing because the buttons were falling off and maybe it was also full of loads of pet fur. Instead of letting it rot in the far reaches of your closet—dust it off! Hang on to all of your old blazers and button-down shirts as well—you can easily put them back into their glory days just by updating them with new buttons. It’s as easy as that!

You can go from that boring jacket or button-down to something really awesome with buttons like these:

Via Etsy

As a plus—buttons like this are dirt cheap. You can easily find coupons for them too at places like Michaels, Jo-Ann, and Hobby Lobby. Good luck button hunting!

Give an Inexpensive Facelift to Your Wardrobe with This 1 Quick Tip