If you’re a vintage film buff, you can find an amazing selection of streaming and downloadable free movies in every genre from Entertainment Magazine Online (aka EMOL). After the success of the modern-day silent film "The Artist," silent movies are making a well-deserved comeback, and EMOL has them in abundance! You can also enjoy free classic films starring John Wayne, the Three Stooges, Frank Sinatra, Laurel and Hardy, Judy Garland, Elizabeth Taylor and many more amazing stars. Kid- and teen-friendly series (that adults can also enjoy!) include Bugs Bunny, Sherlock Holmes, Hercules and more. Learn more about EMOL, how it works, and how to start watching.

How to get EMOL 

1. Visit EMOL online

You can watch both free movies and free television programs at EMOL.

2. EMOL for mobile/smart devices

Unlike many free movie platforms today, EMOL requires no separate downloads to work with your mobile devices, including phones and tablets. You can choose to either stream or download the free movies to watch.

Note: The EMOL website also offers many helpful tips for how to avoid data charges as you watch.

EMOL 411

  • EMOL's selections are all free or public domain shows and films.
  • EMOL has been a free films resource since 1995.
  • You can legally download and watch content, transfer downloaded content to another device, or burn content to a DVD.

How to use EMOL

1. Visit http://emol.org/movies/ or http://emol.org/tv/index.html to select which programs you want to watch.

2. Either stream or download your selection.


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