When I was a kid I practically lived at the skating rink in the summertime. Now, my kids can create the same memories over summer break with "Kids Skate Free." Not only is skating fun, it's a great way to get my family moving—and away from the television and computer! Kids Skate Free is currently available in 30 states, but more centers are added all the time.

The basics

Just as the name implies, Kids Skate Free is a program that provides kids with two free skating passes every week! You can sign up four kids per email address. Free skating hours depend on each skating rink. For example, my local skating center allows free passes to be used on Saturdays and Sundays.

Who can participate

Kids must be at least four years old to qualify for the Kids Skate Free program. The maximum age is determined by each skating rink, but most allow kids to skate for free until they are about 14 years old. Check with your local participating skating rink to find out specific age restrictions in your area.

How to register

Find the nearest participating skating center here. Just click on your state or enter your zip code, and you'll find a list of all participating locations. Click on the skating center nearest you. Once you’re on your skating rink's page, you'll see a green banner that says "Click Here to Join this Skating Center," which will bring you to the registration page. Fill out the form (don't worry–the process is quick) and click on the "Register" button. That's it!

How to get your passes

Once you’ve registered, you can expect to receive your first set of passes by the following Sunday. You’ll be notified via email, then just log in to your account, print out your passes, and take them to your local skate center.

How to use your passes

Just hand over your free passes to the cashier, and your kids will skate for free. Keep in mind that most skating centers do require you to pay for taxes and a skate rental fee, but I found an easy way to get around the rental fee—my kids bring their own skates!

What to do if there’s no "Kids Skate Free" program near you

Don't worry if you can't find a "Kids Skate Free" program close to you. Just print out this letter and mail it or bring it into your local skating center. The letter explains the program and gives your skating center all the information they need to participate!


The Secret to Getting Free Skating Rink Passes for Your Kids This Summer