It’s not easy being a jet-setting diva. Those looonnng flights to Paris are just exhausting! I spend a fortune on magazines just to have enough reading material to cross the Atlantic.

What’s that? I can redeem my airline miles for free magazines? Darling, I’ve never had it so good!

So you’re not a jet-setter. You can still follow the lives of the rich and famous by reading about them in magazines. And you can do it for free!

Sometimes it’s hard to accumulate enough airline miles for vacations. Redeem those miles for magazines, instead! Some titles are available for as few as 400 miles, so infrequent fliers have a chance to find magazines, too.

Magazines For Miles allows users to redeem unused, orphaned or expiring miles for current, popular titles. This site currently partners with the following airlines: Alaska, American, Delta, Frontier, Hawaiian, United, and US Airways. Note that titles vary based on availability. Magazines can be sent to the subscriber’s home or sent as a gift to someone else.

How it works:

  • Locate all frequent flyer accounts before getting started. The account numbers will be needed to redeem the magazines.
  • Select the airline that the miles will be redeemed from, then search the magazine titles (miles needed for each subscription are listed along with each title).
  • Select titles, then click “continue.”
  • Designate where the subscription will be sent (as a gift or to a different shipping address, or directly to your home address), then enter your name, address and account number for all magazines ordered.
  • After the order is submitted, you will be invited to purchase additional magazines at a discount. This is optional!
  • Subscriptions arrive between 6 and 12 weeks after orders are submitted.

I had 3,542 miles with American Airlines that would have expired in October, so I redeemed them with Magazines for Miles because I knew I wouldn’t have time to travel in the coming months. I redeemed those miles for subscriptions to “O, The Oprah Magazine (2,000 miles),” “Money Magazine (800 miles)”, and “All You Magazine (700 miles).”

Retail Savings: $55.00. And no jet lag!

This is a guest post by Deborah from San Diego, CA
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Miles of Savings: Use Airlines Miles for Free Magazines!