Recently, my husband and I took a last minute trip to Austin, Texas. We had saved on our flight and hotel room by doing a little Internet searching.  We thought we got a good deal on the car rental as well, around $200.00 for eight days.  We soon realized that was only the base price and did not include taxes and fees, which put the grand total at $400.00! Gulp.

Airport car rental agencies may think they have the upper hand when it comes to the weary traveler, choosing convenience over all else, but there is a way to avoid the exorbitant extras charged.  Rent from a car rental agency's offsite location, and return the car to the airport location when you leave. Check with your car rental agency to make sure that they allow this without an extra fee.  We were able to rent from an Avis location near our hotel and drop it off at the airport location without any problem or additional cost. Savings galore!

  • Base cost of car: $200.00
  • Taxes at offsite location: $ 65.00
  • Cab ride to offsite location: $ 40.00
  • TOTAL COST: $305.00
  • TOTAL SAVINGS: $ 95.00

I can hear the gears turning in your heads now: “It's nice to save money, but it seems like a lot of hassle for $95.00, plus I have a family with a lot of luggage.”  I must say, this was the easiest experience I've ever had with a car rental. There was no waiting at a crowded counter or pickup spot.  We simply walked to the taxi stand, talked to the driver, jumped in the cab and enjoyed the ride. When we got to the offsite location, we were the only people in line and were treated like royalty. This may not work with a larger family, but for singles, couples and smaller families who travel, this is one tip you can take to the bank.

This has been a guest post by Jayme from Floral Park, NY
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One Tip to Saving on Sky High Airport Car Rentals