It’s not very often that we see a printable coupon for eggs, so this one gets me pretty excited!

$0.55/2 – Eggs, one dozen, any brand, avail to zip 90210 – (
print twice per computer!

Here are a couple of yummy, economical recipes that can help you go through all the eggs you’re buying (10 dozen in my fridge)!

Apple Pancakes

¼ c butter
1 unpeeled apple (sweet) cut in wedges
½ c milk
½ c flour
4 eggs
3 T sugar
½ t vanilla
¼ t salt
Powdered sugar

Preheat oven to 450 degrees.
Melt butter in skillet. Transfer 2 T to blender. Add apples to skillet. Cook 3 – 5 minutes.
Add milk, etc to blender. Pour batter into skillet over apples. Put skillet in oven. Bake 12 -15 minutes until puffy and golden.  Serves 3.

Double the recipe to fill 9×13 pan. Grease pan, pour apples in the pan, then cover with batter from blender.  Cook the same as you would in skillet.
original source: Gourmet Magazine

Country Breakfast Casserole

2 (12oz) pkg. sausage
1 (2lb) pkg. frozen hash brown
1 c. minced onion
2 c. milk
2 (8oz.) pkg. shredded cheese
1/2 tsp. salt
6 eggs, slightly beaten

Grease 9×13 inch baking dish. In medium skillet, brown sausage; drain. In large bowl, combine sausage, hash browns, onion, milk, 3 cups cheese, salt , and eggs. Pour mixture into greased baking dish. Top with remaining cheese. Refrigerate, covered, several hours or overnight. Heat oven 350 degrees. Bake, uncovered until knife inserted near center comes out clean (or nearly clean), about 50-55 min. Let stand 10 minutes, and serve with salsa.