I’ve been looking for a way to dress up family photos on a wall in my living room.  I found these really awesome frame hangers from Pottery Barn.  The problem: $24 each!!!  I need at least 4 (and would like more) but at a price of $100?  No way!  I refuse to give up my hard earned money that easily.

My solution: Lowe’s.  This may not be the first store that pops into most people's heads when looking for home décor items, but why not?  I've learned over the years that I save the most money by thinking outside of the box.

Lowe’s carries a wide selection of wooden finials in all sorts of different finishes and styles for around $10-$20 for a set of two.  The ones I like best are $14.97 for two. That's a savings of 69%.  Not too shabby!   Keep in mind, the Lowe’s version is a bit smaller than the Pottery Barn version.  The Pottery Barn hangers measure 3.5" wide and stick out 4.5″ to 5" from the wall, whereas, the Lowe’s finials measure 2.5" to 3" wide and stick out 3" to 4" from the wall.  In my opinion they’re still plenty big enough to make quite a statement.  If you do decide that you really need a larger frame hanger, search for wooden finials made for fence posts.  Lowe’s carries some fancier versions of these, so don't be afraid to look at everything available.

On top of a great looking accessory, these are easy to install.  Beware, the screw is only about 1" long, so if you plan on hanging a picture directly from the finial I would definitely suggest picking up a few wall anchors.

On a similar note, another creative way to implement this idea would be to use antique crystal knobs.  I know people who have them just sitting around collecting dust in their homes.  What a great use for a recycling project.  Imagine all of that sparkle drawing everyone’s eye to your cherished memories.

 This has been a guest post by Cathy from Atlanta, GA
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