Who doesn't love a great deal on diapers? Maybe a better question would be "Is there such a thing as a great diaper deal?" Becoming a new parent has many great wonders, but when it comes to buying diapers, even June Cleaver was likely in a state of panic.

There are several well-known ways to save your family hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a year. Saving on diapers is one of the more difficult obstacles to overcome. To save here, you might just have to break one of the cardinal rules: buy small. Most savvy shoppers agree that to save, you must buy the smallest product on the market. When it comes to diapers, I recommend buying in the bulk.

Don't get me wrong; buying a smaller pack may suffice, but let me explain. Have you ever considered joining the Babies "R" Us Rewards Program? I have, and I am more than pleased with it. There are several perks to the program, but I will solely focus on those concerning diapers.


  • No fee; FREE membership.
  • 10% off your 1st purchase
  • Buy 9 value packs of diapers, receive the 10th FREE
  • Exclusive email discounts.
  • Store promotions (e.g. $20 gift card if purchase 2 value packs)
  • Member discounts
  • Member ONLY shopping events.
  • Earn "R Us Dollars" in accordance with your total dollar amount spent (up to $20/month).
  • Earn rewards off baby registry through friend and family purchases
  • If employee at check-out does not mention their program, you automatically get $5 taken off your total bill. (That's right ladies, distract, distract, distract! I'm only kidding, of course!)

All of these benefits, on top of store coupons and manufacturer coupons stacked together (if your local store allows), can save you tremendous amounts of money, even when compared to buying the smallest package.

I have done the calculations, and I am able to pay 10-15 cents per diaper on this program; this isn't even taking into consideration the FREE value pack containing approximately 222 diapers, depending on what size your child is in.

A couple of weeks ago, Babies "R" Us had a promotion where, if you bought two value boxes of diapers, you received a $20 gift card.  I also received two money saving booklets with a store coupon good for $7/1 value box of diapers. On top of that, I have a $10/2 Pampers manufacturer coupon from an insert in the newspaper. This means that on my next trip to buy two value boxes, (444 diapers) I will be saving $44. The value packs are approximately $46/box. I will be buying two boxes for the price of one! Wait–are pigs flying? BOGO for value packs of diapers? Somebody pinch me now! This calculates to be 10 cents per diaper. With prices like this, why would you pass up something so great? If one has met their quota for "R Us Dollars," they could be saving even more than this. Unbelievable, BUT TRUE!

How do you score a deal like this?

Wait for sales.
  • Buy when there are big promotions.
  • Stack manufacturer and store coupons.
  • Use your "R Us Dollars" on top of your purchase (these are the equivalent of cash).
  • Sign up for email alerts to get the latest on the greatest deals.
  • Pay attention to store ads .

Keep in mind, the familiar phrase "a dime a dozen" will likely never apply to diapers, but a dime a diaper doesn't sound too bad either. It's rather catchy, wouldn't you say? After your child has outgrown the diaper phase, don't be surprised if you haven't. After all, saving so much on diapers can be addicting.

This has been a guest post by Danielle from Preston, MN
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