Extreme Couponing Tip: Use the KCL Price List as a Shopping Template!

Having a Stockpile List helps you to determine what a really great price is and when to buy or when to wait. But have you considered using it as a shopping template? 

If you often find yourself leaving the grocery store only to remember you needed a can of evaporated milk, aluminum foil, and a new light bulb, consult the Krazy Coupon Lady Price List whilst writing out your weekly list. Not only will this aid you in knowing if a “sale” price is really worthy of stocking up, it reminds you of any items you may be running low on. After writing up the best weekly ad match-ups and the corresponding coupons, scan down the stock up price list and add extra items you’re in need of.

The stock up list is organized by the KCL binder categories for easy reference and also coincide with many grocery stores’ aisle layouts. There are over 200 items listed, so chances are your list of forgotten items should go down considerably, saving you time and money!