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Here’s a roundup of Ibotta transactions by store. Pick your favorite retailer and save big!


Check out this deal idea without baby products at Walmart. Earn up to $58 on brands like Viva, Kleenex, Cottonelle and more!

And here’s the deal with diapers and wipes included. Earn up to $52!


Have a CVS nearby? Here’s the breakdown on how to use all the bonus Ibotta offers there.

Need a super simple deal just on diapers and wipes? Here’s the perfect transaction for you at CVS. Pay as little as $1.12 for Huggies!

Get $68 in free product at CVS! Scott, Huggies, Colgate and more!


If Target is your store of choice, spend just $2.89 for over $71 worth of product with no baby purchases included! Get Viva paper towels, Kleenex, Cottonelle bath tissue and so much more!

Need baby products? Spend $7.68 for $83 worth of the same brands with baby products like Huggies included!