There are two promos running on Beachly’s $99 subscription boxes, making it a great time to get a deal on your first box. The promo codes don’t overlap so you have to choose between the one that gets you the highest value and the one that keeps your out of pocket expense lower:

  • Use this link and promo code BONUSBOX to get $100 of “free product” added to your first box delivery.
  • Or use this link and promo code SUNSET30 to save $30 on the cost of the box.

What is in the Beachly box?

Each Beachly box contains 6-8 name brand items. The Summer 2021 Beachly women’s box contains $261 in retail value:

  • Charlie Holiday Coco Coverup ($95 retail value)
  • Vera Bradley Rainforest Canopy Cooler ($42 retail value)
  • WLFP Beach Blanket ($49 retail value)
  • Logan Tay Shell Yeah Bracelet ($45 retail value)
  • Patchology Resting Beach Face Mask Kit ($20 retail Value)
  • SunBum SPF30 ($10 retail value)


Is Beachly legit?

Totally. But it’s a subscription model, so it’s important to make sure you understand what you’re signing up for. Allow us to break it down for you:

Bottom line cost: Depending on which promo you choose, $73.95 for one box ($69 plus $4.95 shipping) or 103.95 for one box ($99 plus $4.95 shipping).

When will I be charged? The charge will hit your credit card the day you sign up.

When will it ship? This is a preorder sale for the Summer 2021 boxes that will ship in early June. Shipping is 3-10 business days.

Will I need to cancel? Yes. Beachly is a quarterly subscription box and if you don’t want to automatically reorder a new box every three months, you’ll need to cancel before the new season (Sept. 1, Dec. 1, March 1, June 1). You can cancel online via the survey link in this FAQ. The soonest you’d want to cancel would be after your first box ships.


Here’s what signing up looks like

Choose quarterly if you’re wanting to try before you buy a whole year’s worth of boxes. The annual subscription will charge you $340 plus shipping upon signup. It’s a better value per box, but a much bigger commitment.


Choose from sizes XS to 2XL.


If you go with SUNSET30 through this link, you’ll save the $30 and be responsible for $69 plus $4.95 shipping OR


You can go with the BONUSBOX code through this link for $100 of free stuff included in your first delivery.

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