Costco Delivery


Costco delivery is a must-have if you're too busy to get to the store. Plus, if you're used to over shopping every time you make a Costco trip, it's much easier to have those items shipped right to your door.

But how much does Costco delivery cost? Is there Costco same-day delivery? Can you still use coupons with Costco delivery? I'll answer all these questions and more below.

How does Costco delivery work?

You don't have to leave the house to take advantage of Costco deals. Basically, you have three options when it comes to Costco delivery:

  1. Standard delivery

    on most items, which usually takes five to seven days to arrive.

  2. Two-day delivery

    for household items and non-perishables. (These will be noted on the website as two-day shipping items.)

  3. Same-day delivery



    Costco delivery

    on grocery items.

  4. Cold & Frozen delivery

    for perishable items that require refrigeration and freezing.

Can I order anything from Costco delivery without a membership?

A person pulling gold fish crackers and tide from a shipping box.

When it comes to same-day delivery (through Instacart), you don't have to be a member, but you do have to order from in order to bypass the membership requirements that pop up on

Here's the catch: If you order through Instacart, you'll pay both Instacart fees and pay the markup on Costco products as well.

You can order items that are not member exclusives on for standard or two-day delivery, but you'll pay a 5% surcharge. So, check your final price against other stores before you go this route.

What are the Costco delivery fees?

As long as you're a Costco member, two-day shipping on is totally free for orders totaling $75 and over. If you don't hit that $75 spend threshold, you'll pay a fee of $4 and up, depending on your items and your location.

When you buy cold and frozen items through CostcoGrocery Cold & Frozen, you'll need to spend at least $100 in order to get free delivery and you'll pay slightly higher prices than you would in-warehouse. The benefit to using this (and two-day delivery) is that you aren't paying markup on products and an Instacart fee.

For same-day delivery through Instacart, non members will have to pay standard Instacart delivery fees of $3.99 or more. And your order has to meet the $35 spend threshold to even get same day delivery. But, if you are a member, as long as you meet the $35 threshold, you don't pay same-day delivery fees. (You'll still pay item markups.)

Can you use coupons for your order?

Whether you're doing same-day, standard, or two-day delivery, you can still use coupons. Just input the code on your coupon at checkout and it will be applied to your final price.

In fact, in some situations discounts will pop up directly in your Costco/Instacart account before checkout.

When can you order with Costco delivery?

If you're ordering for two-day delivery, you need to put in your order by noon to get your order in two days.

Cold & Frozen orders need to be in by noon also, but you aren't guaranteed two-day delivery.

For same-day shipping, you can schedule within a two-hour window as long as store hours accommodate.

Costco two-day and Cold & Frozen delivery isn't available everywhere.

Unfortunately, you can't get access to Costco two-day and Cold and Frozen delivery everywhere in the U.S. Residents of Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico will have to stick to Instacart or standard shipping for their Costco deliveries.

Are there any incentives for Costco delivery?

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If you have a Costco Executive membership, you get an annual 2% reward for your delivery purchases. This works whether you choose same-day, standard, or 2-day delivery.