Dollar General Delivery


Dollar General delivery is handled entirely through DoorDash these days — meaning you're going to pay a bit extra for that convenience. If you haven't ordered Dollar General delivery before, let's go through some of the details about how it works.

Like how much does Dollar General delivery cost? And is it possible to use coupons for Dollar General delivery? (Hint: I've got bad news on that front.)

How does Dollar General delivery work?


To place a Dollar General delivery order, you're going to have to do it through DoorDash — not through Dollar General. You can order through the DoorDash website or using the DoorDash delivery app.

But the good news is that the process will get you your order pretty quickly.

How to place a Dollar General delivery order:

  1. Open the DoorDash app (download for iOS or Android) or visit

  2. Navigate to the Dollar General store page (you can use the search bar).

  3. Search for items or browse the Aisles or Deals tab to see what's available.

  4. Add things to your cart using the "+" symbol.

  5. Select "View Cart" to review your order (and the fees).

  6. Add a DoorDash promo code (if available).

  7. Choose your delivery speed (standard or choose a time), enter your contact information, and submit payment.

How much does Dollar General delivery cost?


DoorDash delivery service is definitely not free, and there are a few layers of fees involved.

Your first order will have a $0 delivery fee, but after that, the delivery fee goes up to $0.99 per order.

Here's the overview of what you'll pay (in addition to your subtotal and taxes):

  • $0.99 Delivery Fee

  • $3.49 - $7.49 Service Fee (depends on the size of your order)

  • $3.50 - $5.50 Tip (optional, but recommended, and 100% goes to your delivery driver)

As you can see, the costs can really add up, even when we're talking about shopping at a dollar store!

My best advice is to always look for DoorDash promotions and offers to lower the cost of the delivery fee. Even better is if you can get a percentage off your order subtotal.

TIP: If you use DoorDash a lot, consider signing up for their DashPass subscription program. You'll pay $9.99 per month and get free delivery on orders of $12 - $35 or more (the minimums vary depending on the store and where you live). DashPass also gets you reduced service fees and 5% cash back on pickup orders.

Can you use Dollar General coupons with delivery?

Hand holding Dollar General coupons with Dollar General products

Unfortunately, Dollar General doesn't allow you to use any store coupons — physical or digital — with delivery orders.

But you'll still get access to some Dollar General promotions in the DoorDash app or website. For example, you might see offers like "Buy Any 2, Save $3" or "Buy 3 for $15."

Are there any promo codes to save on Dollar General delivery?

Yes! I'm not sure how long this current promotion will last, but right now you can get 20% off orders of $20 or more with the promo code GET20OFFDG in the DoorDash app.

The maximum savings for this offer is $10, and it's available for select Dollar General stores.