Dollar General Delivery


While Dollar General delivery might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of grocery delivery, they've definitely made some innovations. If you haven't ordered Dollar General delivery before, let's go through some of the details.

Like how much does Dollar General delivery cost? Is it possible to use coupons for Dollar General delivery? Keep on reading and I'll tell you all about it.

How does Dollar General delivery work?

If you're a huge fan of Dollar General deals, you'll want to take advantage of their deliveries.

Dollar General standard delivery is all done on their website, and will take five to ten days to ship.

On the other hand, DG AutoDeliver lets you schedule out your Dollar General deliveries whenever you want. Basically, all you have to do is put your favorite items in the cart on the Dollar General website. After that, you have the option to make a DG AutoDeliver order for recurring deliveries on certain items, choosing anywhere from one to seven months.

Whatever option you choose, keep in mind you can only get nonperishables delivered with Dollar General. This means that you'll have to look elsewhere if you're planning on getting your eggs and milk delivered.

How much does Dollar General delivery cost?

For a standard Dollar General order, depending on where you're located, you'll spend $4.99 and up for shipping no matter how much is in your cart.

For DG AutoDeliver, if your order is $25 or over, shipping is totally free. If not, you'll pay standard shipping. This is pretty low compared to a lot of other delivery thresholds, so it's a great way to keep stocked up on household essentials.

Additionally, while you'll pay for standard shipping on your first order before setting up DG AutoDeliver, if you speak to a customer service agent and explain that you plan to begin AutoDeliver, they can waive the fees.

Can you use Dollar General coupons with delivery?

Hand holding Dollar General coupons with Dollar General products

Unfortunately, Dollar General doesn't allow any coupons, physical or digital, to be used with delivery. This includes both standard delivery and DG AutoDeliver.

Are there any perks with Dollar General online shopping?

Something that really sets DG AutoDeliver apart from the competition is the additional savings you get on each order. For each scheduled order, you save 5% off the whole retail price. Those are the kind of savings you have to use Target RedCard to get.

You don't get those kinds of perks with standard delivery.