How to Coupon at Meijer


Couponing at Meijer is easy. When you coupon at Meijer, you'll find little to no hoops to jump through. In pursuit of helping you save every time you shop Meijer, I've written about all the ins and outs of couponing at Meijer.

What types of coupons does Meijer accept?

Meijer accepts paper coupons, including manufacturer, Meijer store coupons, Catalina (coupons that print during checkout), and mPerks digital coupons (more on that next).

Sign up for mPerks, Meijer's free loyalty program.

Before you can use Meijer digital coupons, you need to sign up for Meijer's free loyalty program, mPerks. You have a couple of ways to join; register online at, through the Meijer mobile app, or call Meijer customer care at (877) 363-4537 (7 a.m. - 1 a.m. ET).

Clip mPerks digital coupons before you shop.

Once you're a mPerks member, clip digital coupons at or in the Meijer app before you shop. Any clipped coupons can be applied to your in-store purchases or online orders for Meijer pickup or delivery.

Earn and redeem mPerks rewards on orders.

Digital coupons aren't the only benefit of being a mPerks member. You can earn 1% back on your total purchases. For example, you'll automatically earn 10 points for every $1 you spend. Once you reach 5,000 points ($500 spent), you earn a $5 off coupon. Once earned, you can choose how you want to redeem your mPerks reward — as a specific dollar amount reward, free items, or fuel discounts.

Use Meijer exclusive coupons at the register.

A coupon mailer from Meijer with a coupon for Thomas bagels and a coupon for Kombucha.

As a member of mPerks, you'll also receive exclusive mail coupons that you can use at the register when shopping in-store. Paper coupons, including those from Meijer, cannot be applied to pickup or delivery orders.

Coupon stacking is okay at Meijer for in-store shopping.

Shoppers can stack one manufacturer and one Meijer coupon on a single item, as long as the coupon redemption terms permit it.

How do you redeem mPerks coupons?

When checking out at a staffed register (one with a Meijer cashier), tap the mPerks button on the credit card reader and enter your number and PIN. If you're going through self-checkout, enter your number and PIN on the screen.

Scan your paper coupons at self-checkout.

While you just hand a cashier your paper coupons at a staffed checkout, self-checkout requires you to do the work. You can scan in your coupons at any time. However, you must first scan in the item the coupon applies to. Once you've scanned a coupon you must feed it into the slot with the flashing green light. If any coupons cause an issue, a Meijer team member will help you fix it.


Hand holding a Meijer circular in front of a Meijer cart in store

1. What happens if a coupon's value is more than the price of an item?

If your paper coupon has a value greater than the price of your item after other coupons and discounts have been applied, the remaining value will be applied to the item. If there's an overage, you won't get cashback.

2. Can I use more than one of the same coupons in a transaction?

Meijer permits shoppers to use two identical coupons with the same UPC in a single transaction.

3. Is there a coupon dollar value limit at self-checkout?

Any manufacturer coupon(s) with a value over $5 must be redeemed at a staffed register.

4. Can I break up my order to use multiple coupons?

No, Meijer doesn't allow shoppers to break up an order into multiple transactions to avoid coupon stacking rules.