Sam's Club Return Policy


Up until recently, I haven’t needed to know anything about Sam’s return policy. Over the last few months, I’ve contemplated joining Sam’s Club and figured I better learn the ropes before going all-in on a membership. Although I’m not currently a member of Sam’s Club, I did some recon (snooping) to find out how their return policy works.

I took one for the team and purchased something online at to experience the process firsthand, so, hopefully, if you ever have to return something, this will help you save time and money! Here’s what you need to know.

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1. Return an order from and you won’t get any shipping and delivery fees back.

If you order an item from, and it’s damaged, or Sam’s Wholesale Club made a mistake with your order, Sam’s Club will refund your original shipping and handling costs. Otherwise, you’ll have to eat those costs when you return something because you didn’t like it, or changed your mind, etc. etc.

I purchased four glass cereal bowls online for $21.98 plus $6.28 shipping, which I wasn’t able to get back when I returned the set at my local Sam’s.


2. Non-Sam’s Club members receive cash back when returning an item they bought online.

I shopped online with a 24 hour Sam’s Club guest membership and paid with a combo of gift and debit cards. When I returned my bowls, the clerk gave me cash back. According to Edwin (my go-to Sam’s customer service rep), since I wasn’t an official Sam’s Club member, I would only get cash. If I were a member, the refund would go back onto whatever payment method I used, such as a credit, debit, or gift card or cash.

TIP: tacks an extra 10% of the total price onto every item for shoppers using a guest membership, unless you live in California, South Carolina, or Elmsford, NY (so random).


3. returns don’t require a receipt, just an order number, and your driver’s license.

Don’t worry about printing out any receipt or other order information if you bought something at and need to return it in-store. All you need is your driver’s license and order number, which your local Sam’s Club customer service rep can look up with your phone number.


4. No, you can’t return a Sam’s Club item to Walmart.

Wondering if you can return an item you bought online at or a Sam’s Club warehouse to a Walmart store? The answer is NO! While they are sister stores, returns are handled by each separately.


5. Ship your item back if you don’t have a local Sam’s Club warehouse.

If you order an item online and want to return it, but don’t have a local Sam’s Club near you, ship it back for no extra charge. You can print the free return label from your “Order Details” page or call Sam’s Club at (888) 746-7726, and they’ll email you a label for FedEx, UPS, or Pilot (for oversized items). Repackage the item and take it to your nearest drop-off location.

TIP: If you don’t have a printer, Fed-Ex will print the label for you. Just show them your email.


6. If you aren’t a Sam’s Club member, you can’t return items without bringing the member with you.

If you receive a gift from a Sam’s Club member or you’re trying to return something for a member and you AREN’T a member, good luck returning whatever it is. You can’t even share a photo of the paying member’s card to prove who bought it. Believe me, I tried.


7. Expect to spend some time in line at Sam’s Club when returning your items.

The downside to returning an item at Sam’s Warehouse: It’s gonna take some time. Even though there were only four people ahead of me, it took almost an hour to return my $20 worth of bowls.


8. Sam’s Club offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee with their return policy.

If you’re not happy with an item, Sam’s accepts merchandise returns pretty much whenever, as long as it’s within a reasonable time, like several months, not years. In general, Sam’s wants to ensure you’re a satisfied club member and will work with you, whether it be an exchange or refund. For more details, check out Sam’s Club return policy.

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