Stop & Shop Peapod


Peapod is a grocery delivery service that operates in the Northeast. Though the company is based in Chicago, it ceased service to the Midwest in early 2020 and began to work exclusively with Stop & Shop, a grocery chain with more than 400 stores in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey.

How do I order grocery delivery for Stop & Shop?

Stop & Shop Peapod Truck

The Peapod app is being phased out and customers can now order grocery delivery directly through Stop & Shop's website or the Stop & Shop app.

How much does Stop & Shop Peapod delivery cost?

To qualify for Stop & Shop Peapod delivery order, your cart must total $60 or more. (Peapod states that the order minimum is $30, but we were unable to place a Stop & Shop delivery order until our cart totaled $60.) They also have a sliding delivery fee, which breaks down like this:

Order size: $100 or more Delivery fee: $6.95

Order size: $75 to $100 Delivery fee: $7.95

Order size: $30 to $75 Delivery fee: $9.95

Does Stop & Shop Peapod have a grocery delivery subscription?

Podpass is Peapod's membership program and costs $119 per year. It will save you from delivery fees on orders over $100, which might be worth it for someone whose main grocer is Stop & Shop. But you would have to place a $100-plus order from Stop & Shop at least 15 times in 12 months to justify the annual cost of Podpass.

The takeaway: Podpass is expensive and, for most people, probably not worth it.

How long does it take to have Stop & Shop Peapod groceries delivered?

Though some locations offer same-day delivery, most Stop & Shop Peapod delivery orders will be a next-day deal.

Find a Stop & Shop near you.

Are Stop & Shop Peapod delivery prices different than in stores?

While Stop & Shop grocery prices are usually comparable, some items may differ based on warehouse, region, availability, etc.

You can always save your receipt and ask for a refund through if there's a discrepancy on a product you purchased via your local Stop & Shop.

How does tipping work with Stop & Shop Peapod delivery?

Tipping is not required, but suggested. A tip can be added at checkout or in person.

Does Stop & Shop Peapod deliver alcohol?

Yes, they do!

Customers ordering alcohol must be at least 21 years of age, are required to enter their date of birth at checkout and present a valid government ID at the time of delivery.

Does Stop & Shop Peapod deliver prescriptions?

No, Stop & Shop prescriptions cannot be delivered.

How many Stop & Shop stores have grocery delivery service?

As of summer 2020, about 320 Stop & Shop locations were using the Peapod delivery service.

What are Stop & Shop Peapod's grocery delivery hours?

Stop & Shop Peapod's grocery delivery hours are 6 a.m. to 10 a.m.

You'll get a kickback for picking less-busy time slots, usually amounting to a $2-$3 discount on your order.

Does Stop & Shop Peapod accept coupons with grocery delivery?

Hand holding up Stop & Shop weekly ad inside of store

Yes and no. Stop & Shop customers can clip digital coupons while shopping for delivery in the app. They'll be added to your cart and discounted from your total payment. But, they don't accept paper coupons with delivery.