WD-40 isn’t just a lubricant–you can use it to protect and clean all sorts of things in your home. Even though there are over 2,000 WD-40 uses according to the manufacturer, I’m only going to list my top 10 WD-40 hacks that people in my life swear by.

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1. Use this WD-40 toilet hack the next time you clean the bathroom.

The solvents in WD-40 will help dissolve any gunk and lime in your toilet. Spray WD-40 in your toilet bowl for a couple of seconds and use a toilet brush to help scrub away the grime.


2. Removing crayon marks on walls and clothing is one of the best WD-40 uses.

Use WD-40 to remove crayon or marker from walls. (BUT, only use on walls with a sheen to the paint—the oil in WD-40 can stain matte or flat paints!) Wipe away the stain with a clean rag.

WD-40 will also remove marker and crayon from furniture and appliances!

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3. Keep water stains off glass shower doors.

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4. Get rid of stickers and stuck-on adhesive with WD-40.

Spray WD-40 onto leftover sticker and label residue, then let it set for at least 5 minutes. Use a sponge to scrub away the glue and paper.


5. Remove stuck rings with this WD-40 hack.

Spray WD-40 around the stuck ring and it should easily slide off. Then use these ring cleaning hacks to get your bling looking as good as new again.


6. Wipe away tea and coffee stains from countertops.

Some people use WD-40 as a degreaser, but I like to spray a little on a sponge or damp cloth and wipe tea and coffee stains away.


7. Keep scissors working smoothly (especially if you’re into coupons).

Your scissors have been working hard clipping all those free coupons. Give them a little WD-40 love to keep them working well so you can keep saving money.



8. Prevent snow buildup on windows.

This is one of my favorite winter and WD-40 hacks. The snow won’t stick when you spray WD-40 on car or home windows before a storm.


9. WD-40 can also clean off chewing gum.

Have gum stuck in your carpet, shoe, or hair? Spray WD-40 directly on, allow it to set for a few minutes, then pull the gum off.


10. Use WD-40 to waterproof shoes.

Is your mind blown by all the WD-40 uses yet?!

Not only does WD-40 create a waterproof barrier on shoes, it will also help remove any salt stains on boots during the winter months. Just spray onto the stains and wipe with a clean rag.

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10 WD-40 Hacks You've Never Heard Before