1. Keep celery crisp for up to four weeks.

Wrap celery tightly in foil and refrigerate. Unlike with plastic bags, the ethylene gas (the stuff that escapes from produce and deteriorates it if trapped) can escape through the foil.


2. Keep birds away from fruit trees.

Hang strips of foil from a fruit tree’s branches; the light will reflect off the hanging foil and scare away pesky birds that come to eat your fruit.


3. Iron out wrinkles faster.

Place foil under your ironing board cover. That way the heat from your iron will reflect back onto your clothes.


4. Stop static cling.

Run out of laundry sheets? Ball up some foil and use it to eliminate static cling in your laundry.


5. Sharpen dull scissors.

Instantly sharpen dull scissors by folding a piece of foil so that it’s six to eight layers thick. Then cut through the folded pieces several times.


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6. Scrub rust off steel and chrome.

Dip a ball of crumpled foil in water and use it to rub the rust off metal.



7. Keep a chicken or turkey moist when roasting.

If you don’t have a roasting rack, take a long sheet of foil and crumple it into a long “rope,” then shape into a spiral, figure eight, or circle. Using the foil to elevate the bird will allow heat to evenly flow around the meat, preventing a dry roast.


8. Keep rust off a steel wool pad.

Drain the water off first before wrapping the steel wool in foil. Then, stick it in the freezer until you need it again.



9. Clean a BBQ grill.

After you’re done grilling, crumple foil into a ball and rub away the grime. Make sure to use tongs to prevent burns!


10. Scrub stubborn food off pots and pans.

 Don't try this on nonstick pots and pans!


11. Prevent silver jewelry from tarnishing.

Silver tarnishes because of the sulfur compounds that are present in the air. Aluminum has a stronger attraction to sulfur than silver does, so keeping it near any silver jewelry will be like keeping a sulfur trap, absorbing the tarnish-causing sulfur and keeping it away from your jewelry. Just remember to replace the foil every three months.


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