As a KCL, I hate paying full price for any item. This keeps me from running to the store to pick up one item I need for a recipe (especially if it’s not on sale) and waste my precious gas! Taking advantage of my stockpile items by using substitutions is a money-saving way to prevent a cooking disaster. Next time you run out of something that’s essential to your recipe, try one of these substitutions for these common 15 ingredients.

1. Yogurt

One cup sour cream or one cup buttermilk can do the trick. I tend to have more sour cream on hand than yogurt because I find better deals with coupons. Being able to substitute sour cream will work with my recipe and easily fits into my budget.

2. Biscuit mix

Make your own out of two cups sifted flour, one tablespoon baking powder, one teaspoon salt, and a quarter cup of shortening.

3. Mayonnaise

One cup of sour cream or one cup of plain yogurt can take the place of mayo.

4. Ketchup

One cup of tomato sauce, one teaspoon of vinegar and one tablespoon of sugar will make up for a lack of ketchup. Mix it all up, put it back in the ketchup bottle, and no one will be the wiser!

5. Nuts

Nuts are typically not interchangeable; however, you can substitute walnuts for pecans or peanuts for macadamia nuts in some cases. The texture and flavor is the focus when using nuts in a recipe. Also, remember that nuts can be omitted from cake recipes without changing the end result!

6. Bread crumbs

One cup of cracker crumbs or one cup of ground oats does the trick. My mom’s meatloaf recipe calls for bread crumbs. If I’m totally out of bread, saltines or crackers are a great substitute since this is a filler item. Stale crumbs will also work since the filler item just absorbs extra moisture.

7. Wine

Vinegar, apple cider, or apple juice can be used as a substitute. With kids in the house, I always have apple juice or apple cider. Vinegar is also readily available. If you’re cooking for non-drinkers, substitute these items in place of wine.

8. Basil

You can substitute oregano or thyme for this basic herb.

9. Cocoa

A great substitute for this is regular chocolate. Substitute one ounce of chocolate for every quarter cup of cocoa.

10. Vinegar

Two teaspoons of lemon juice equals one teaspoon of vinegar. I always make sure to have extra lemon juice because I use it to whiten my whites in the laundry. Substituting lemon juice is an easy fix when you run out of your vinegar stockpile!

11. Cinnamon

Nutmeg or allspice give the same texture and flavor as cinnamon if you need a substitute. Use the same measurement for each.

12. Tomato sauce

Combine equal parts tomato paste and water or canned tomatoes. I tend to have more cans of tomatoes because I stock up on them when there’s a sale price.

13. Citrus oil

If you’re out of lemon oil or lime oil, substitute zest instead. One lemon equals one tablespoon of zest. One large orange equals two tablespoons of zest.

14. Red pepper

Hot pepper sauce or black pepper can be used in place of red pepper. Be sure to start with small amounts to avoid getting the recipe too hot!

15. Corn syrup

I never see a coupon for corn syrup, but I do have brown sugar in my pantry. For light corn syrup use one cup of honey and a quarter cup of sugar with a third cup of water. For dark corn syrup, use one cup of maple-flavored syrup or one cup of brown sugar mixed with a quarter cup of water.

15 Ingredient Substitutions to Rescue Your Recipe from Disaster!