I don't really have much of a "crafty" side (even though I wish I did).

However, I’ve been able to fill my house with wall art I love by finding cheap places that sell art in the colors and styles I admire on Pinterest and elsewhere. At first, it took me some time, plus trial-and-error, to really arrive at what I like most, but the learning curve was so worth it when I look at my walls today!

If you’re still trying to work out what your personal wall art preferences are, here are six cheap, easy, and fun resources that can help!

1. Shutterfly's "Design a Wall"

I just love Shutterfly—is there anything they can't personalize? Their "Design a Wall" service puts you in control of absolutely every aspect of designing 100% unique wall art—from images and materials to colors and pricing, style and more.

Plus, Shutterfly is always running online sales (remember to check for coupon codes!). Oh, and you get a 100% satisfaction guarantee or they’ll give you a full refund.

2. Create "found" wall art

Every year my family vacations on Cape Cod. We usually rent a house—my favorite of the houses we've stayed at has an entire collection of fallen birds nests displayed in inexpensive shelves along one wall. The bird houses had been vacated and were "free" (aka "finders keepers"), and the owners of the rental house had a handyman install the shelves on the cheap. Voila—fabulous one-of-a-kind wall art!

  • Do this with anything you love and collect: Old keys, seashells, your kids' artwork from various ages, interesting rocks or crystalized gemstones, even magazine pictures!

3. Use an area rug as wall art

I’ll never forget the day several summers ago when I helped my husband hang a great Oriental rug he had bought on clearance the year prior. We went to a local rug mart and bought a tapestry hanger kit (basically a long pole mounted on the wall with clips to hold the rug in place).

4. Create a chalkboard wall

One of my friends just got married, and she and her husband transformed a whole wall in their kitchen into a chalkboard. They use the chalkboard for everything from a shared to-do list to an in-progress bucket list! It’s a neat conversation starter at parties, too. Best of all, it’s cheap (I did this with a wall in my office using a chalkboard decal I bought on Amazon for around $10).

5. Make your wall art functional

I’ve never had the luxury of lots of extra space in the homes I've chosen (I tend to opt for "vintage chic" over "sensible and spacious"). So sometimes I’ve needed to double up on fashion and function.

Here are some fun, functional wall art ideas:

  • Hanging "art”: Need to hang your bicycle, musical instrument or pet's cage? Turn it into art with a cool wall hanger!
  • Book collection: Your book collection can become a neat wall art installation by choosing (or making!) a creative book shelf. Pinterest has some fabulous ideas—if you find one you like, look around to see what you already have before buying any shelving!

6. Try WallPops

WallPops has been a favorite of mine for years. I love how easy the decal kits are to install (even for folks with zero craftiness, like me) and the prices (plus the frequent contests, giveaways, and coupons) make it easy to find something affordable for every room!

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