I've always been partial to eggs. After all, my 13-year old parrot hatched from one (as did every pet bird I've ever lived with). Plus, they’re delicious. For that matter, they’re also very nutritious. But after all these decades of enjoying the heck out of eggs, I’m still learning about all their secret super powers. If you have extra eggs on the verge of expiring or you’re looking for natural alternatives to commercial products, check out all these cool things eggs can do!

1. Make natural glue paste

If you've ever tried to pry hardened egg away from pans or plates, you know just how resistant it can be. You can use egg white as a natural substitute for commercial glue (which often has scary ingredients and harsh chemical odors). Egg white can easily mend rips and tears for non-weighty items. Egg white is also a great choice for kids' crafts.

2. Keep unwelcome visitors out of your garden

Certain plants seem to be especially tasty to certain pests. But if you take some eggshells and crush them up, then scatter them all across the surface of the dirt around those plants, any pests with soft bodies (like snails, slugs, and caterpillars) will stay away (this also works very well with household pets—just scatter the jagged eggshells in places where you want to keep greenery in and pets out).

3. Baby delicate greenery

If you’re planting young greenery next to established garden plants, you can't count on them to share nutrition well. Rather, fortify the soil of the new plants with a half crushed eggshell and half soil mixture. The calcium will help the plant grow strong. Also, after boiling up a batch of hard-boiled eggs, let that water cool and use it to water the young plants. The nutrients will enrich the plants as they grow.

4. Create a safe edible paint for cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and more

Just as turmeric, beet, carrot, blueberry and spinach can deliver great dyes in their powder or juice forms, so too can egg white mixed with these natural dyes and a tablespoon or so of spring water make a great edible paint for writing on cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and other festive edibles.

5. Whip up a Band-Aid "to go"

If you have a minor cut or scrape and no Band-Aids in the house, try whisking up one egg white and dabbing the frothy whites onto the injured area. The egg whites will quickly dry and leave behind a protective layer—similar to what OTC liquid Band-Aid products can do.

6. Remove dirt and debris from leather

If your favorite leather shoes, jacket, or accessories have accumulated dirt, mud, or other debris, you can whisk up an egg white and let the froth pull the debris away from the surface, leaving your leather clean and pristine.

7. Ease acne, wrinkles, dry skin, and more

Egg isn’t just nutritious for the inside of you—it’s also very healing and restorative for the outside of you. You can benefit from eggs in many ways, from allowing the protein to enrich skin and absorb extra oils to letting the whites help tighten skin and reduce pore size (reducing wrinkles in the process).

  • Egg white mask: Whisk an egg white and spread across face. Wait 10-15 minutes. Wash off with cool water and a soft cloth. This mask is great to treat acne and wrinkles, tighten pores, and reduce puffy eyes.

8. Brew better coffee

Weird as it sounds, adding a few eggshells to your grounds during brewing can get rid of any acidic or bitter aftertaste and act as a natural sweetener. Just be sure to remove the eggshells before taking that first sip!

9. Concoct summer sidewalk chalk

Kids begging to draw on the sidewalk, but you're not so sure? Try this natural sidewalk chalk recipe for a natural alternative to commercial chalks.

  • Eggshell sidewalk chalk: Take the shells of five eggs and crush them (a rolling pin can work great to do this). Add one part eggshell powder with one part hot water and one part flour along with a pinch of natural dye (see #4 for ideas). Section off a piece of wax paper into 4-5 even strips and roll the mixture up in each. Allow to dry for five days, then use.

10. Treat your hair right with natural shampoo

If your hair has become damaged, rather than purchasing pricey deep masks and oil treatments, just whip up a treatment shampoo out of eggs.

  • Egg shampoo: Break open one egg and mix in 1 teaspoon of honey and ¼ cup warm (not hot, unless you want your egg shampoo to "cook") water along with a squirt of fresh lemon juice (if desired). Whisk the mixture together. Wet hair, then work the egg shampoo into your hair and allow it to remain 5-10 minutes. Rinse with warm water.
10 Weird, Money-Saving Ways to Use Eggs