Fall means home canning time at my house! Did you know that you’re supposed to remove the rings after the jars have sealed? For many years I didn’t, and what I ended up with was a bunch of rusted-out rings. Now I am older and wiser, and dutifully remove and wash my canning rings. Then they sit in a bag, lonely and unused until the next season of canning.

But no more! This year those rings have been re-purposed into a lovely and easy-to-make little table decoration. What is great about this project is that all the embellishments are attached only to the center stem, so once you’re done with fall decorating you can take it apart and still have fully functional rings for your next round of canning!


18–20 canning rings, either regular or wide-mouth sized
String or thin ribbon
4–5″ long stick or dowel for center stem
Any embellishments you desire


1. Make sure all the rings are turned in the same direction and secure them with a string in the center. You can use all shiny new rings, but I like the look of mixing in a few rusted and distressed-looking ones.

2. Once your rings are tied snugly, space them out so that they form an evenly-spaced circle, making sure to conceal the string.

3. Place your stick or dowel all the way down the center of your newly-formed pumpkin. I used a branch clipped from my bushes.

4. To finish off your pumpkin, attach ribbons, leaves, wires—whatever you have around—to the stem. And voila!—you have an almost-free seasonal decoration that you won’t even have to store after the holidays!

DIY Centerpiece: Easy Zero-Cost Canning-Ring Pumpkin