Update: It appears that the chocolate making class is no longer available.

Everything old is new again as the recent resurgence of the womanly arts (a.k.a crafting) makes clear. Homemade is haute, haute, haute! Martha Stewart and her mitten-making minions are everywhere. By the way, if I sound a little jealous of my crafty sisters out there, it’s because I am—the only thing I can make with my hands is a mess!

Craftsy is an online community for crafters that offers great deals on crafting supplies and hosts online classes on a variety of topics for all levels of crafters. Craftsy is currently offering two free online classes: a chocolate making class called “Dipped, Dusted & Rolled: Handmade Chocolate” taught by the owner of a premiere chocolate store and a year-long quilting class called "Block of the Month" taught by  a master quilter.

Here's how to sign up for your free class:

  • Click here to go to Craftsy.
  • Enter your email address and password in the designated boxes to sign up for a free Craftsy account.
  • Sign in to your account and then click on "Online Classes" at the top of your screen. Once you are directed to the new page, you will see all the different Crafty classes. Scroll down to the 11th row of class offerings and you will see the free “Block of the Month” quilting class. Scroll down to the last row of class offerings to locate the free chocolate making class.
  • Click on your desired class.
  • Click on the red "Sign Up" button on the right side of your screen. Then click on the red "Get Started" button.
  • You will be prompted to choose a display name and  choose an image to represent yourself on the site.
  • To view your online class, return to Craftsy's home page and click on "Your Account" on the top left of your screen.

The Block of the Month Class has twelve lessons which post on the first day of every month. In the first ten classes, you will learn how to make two different quilt blocks. The last two classes will help you finish your full-size quilt. You can view the classes whenever you want and as many times as you want. The classes are filmed in high-definition and are fully interactive.

Happy crafting! Enjoy your quilt or hand-crafted chocolates. Hey, you can even take both classes and then eat your homemade chocolates in bed under your new cozy quilt.

Free Online Quilting Class!