If you’ve ever baked cookies or a cake only to find that they’ve dried out overnight, you’re not alone. This can be one of the most frustrating aspects of baking—it’s hard to do the work ahead of time and still come out with a top-notch product. But fortunately, you can stave off staleness with proper storage. When baked goods are not stored properly they become dry, hard and even crumbly, but this can be avoided with the use of one simple ingredient—an apple! After you’ve baked your goodies, cut an apple in half and place it inside the container next to your baked treats. The moisture from the apple will help to keep the baked items soft and fresh-tasting! With the holiday season coming up, make sure you keep an apple or two handy so no one will know that you baked those fruitcakes, gingerbread cookies and cake rolls the night before the big party!

How an Apple Can Prolong the Life of Your Home Baked Goods