If you’ve ever been hit with the terrible stench of a stinky trash can while walking into your garage, you know how foul that smell can be. In fact, I often find myself running as quickly as I can from the car to the house just to avoid it! Although most people try to eradicate the built-up stench by rinsing the trash can out with water or leaving it outside to air out, those strong scents always seem to stick around. However, there’s actually a simple way to eliminate them—with cat litter! Just as cat litter absorbs smells in a litter box, it’s extremely effective at absorbing other problem odors such as those found in trash cans. To freshen those garbage bins, simply sprinkle a small amount of litter in the bottom of the pail and let the litter do its work. Change the litter out once a week to keep the smell at bay, and you’ll no longer have to run from those stinky scents!




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