There's a new rage out there, and it comes to us in the form of aviator décor! It's an awesome and unique style that would be suitable for any family member who loves the sky and all things flight related!

This incredible architectural chair is brought to us by Restoration Hardware. The Aviator Chair in “glove” color is stunning and sleek. It also has the steep price tag of $1,595 plus $125 shipping. But has just recently released this Accelerator Vintage Tobacco Leather Chair that is only $599.99 with $2.95 shipping! With a 65% savings, that gives you an extra $1,117.06 to spend elsewhere!

Savings: $1,117.06 or 65%

And what is a lounge, without a place to kick up your feet! In the same set as the chair, the Restoration Hardware Aviator Ottoman in the “glove” color choice is a beautiful connector piece for the space. But it also has a hefty price tag: $795 plus $50 shipping. But Overstock has once again matched up this unique piece with a knockoff all their own. The Accelerator Vintage Tobacco Leather Ottoman is a really nice complementary piece. And its price is much better, too, because it sells for just $259.99 plus the regular $2.95 shipping. That's a 69% discount!

Savings: $582.06 or 69%

Restoration's Atelier Task Floor Lamp in patina nickel is a great accent for this lounge duo. The styling is perfect to go with the aviator theme, and the price is surprisingly not bad at $379 plus $30 shipping. But Overstock has a knockoff version of this lamp that would look just as great. The Stuart Floor Lamp sells for $164.99 plus $2.95 shipping. That's a bright addition to the space for 59% less cost.

Savings: $241.06 or 59%




And then there's the wall art that can cap off nearly any space perfectly. Restoration Hardware brings this to us with their aviation-themed Cowling Mirror. This 30.75" diameter mirror is not only $1,195 plus $50 shipping, but at 12" deep, it's close to being a shelf instead of a wall décor item. But with Overstock's matchup, you truly do get a mirror instead of a storage spot. The 34" diameter Coeus Silver Plate Wall Mirror sells for $124.99 with $2.95 shipping. That's an incredible 90% savings!

Savings: $1,117.06 or 90%

Knockout Knockoffs: Aviator Lounge from Restoration Hardware